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Flexible printed with water-based inks

Going beyond source reduction.

Reducing the amount of packaging materials used to package your product is a great first step to lowering a product's impact on the environment and flexile packaging is a natural fit for manufacturer's looking for source reduction.  Flexible packaging provides a higher product-to-package ratio, is light weight and creating fewer emissions during transportation, and uses less space in land fills when it is empty.  NVIRO® Flexible Packaging takes lowering the impact a few steps further.


Water-Based Inks   water-based inks

  • Low VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Less than 5% VOCs versus solvent-based inks that can contain up to 65% VOCs
  • Safer for the environment

Renewable and / or Compostable MaterialsCompostable materials - NVIRO Flexible Packaging

  • Materials derived from plant starches, corn starches, or wood pulp
  • Many of the available materials are ASTM D6400 certified and are partially renewable

New bio-polymers are ever evolving and being developed each day; at Eagle Flexible Packaging we are continually researching and working with our suppliers to offer our customers options to create a package that meets the products packaging needs and provides the lowest desired impact on the environment.

Industrial / Municipal Composting Facilities are few - to find out if there is one located near you go to: 


A package made of either LLDPE or HDPE may be recycled at certain retail locations.  Flexible packaging is generally not recyclable, but certain retailers have receptacles for plastic shopping bags, overwraps, and other clean, non-contaminated plastics (particulary, plastic packaging that has not had direct food contact).

To learn more about plastic bag recycling and which retailers near you have drop-offs; go to:

Avoiding ‘Greenwashing’ – NVIRO® Flexible Packaging product offering includes packaging that uses low VOC water-based inks, and may also include compostable materials, renewable materials, and / or recyclable materials – we recommend you read and refer to the FTC Green Guides and to review the proposed changes click here.  Market your product package’s benefits responsibly.