Sustainable Packaging Materials

Eagle Flexible Packaging is fully committed to providing eco-friendly, sustainable packaging solutions for a wide range of food and non-food industries. Our compostable stand-up pouches and premium packaging materials are environmentally aware, which means each product in our arsenal is designed to minimize negative environmental impact and improve safe recycling practices.

Reducing the amount of material used to package your product is a great first step to lowering the negative impact it can have on the environment. The lightweight preformed pouch products from Eagle Flexible Packaging provide a higher product-to-package ratio, create fewer emissions during transportation and take up less space in landfills after use. We offer NVIRO® Flexible Packaging as a sustainable packaging material solution to help brands take the next step forward as recyclable and compostable packaging innovators.

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Recyclable Food Packaging

A package made of either LLDPE or HDPE may be recycled at certain retail locations. Flexible packaging is generally not recyclable, but certain retailers have receptacles for plastic shopping bags, overwraps and other clean, non-contaminated plastics (particularly, plastics packaging that has not had direct food contact).

Learn more about plastic bag recycling and find retailers with drop-off locations near you.

Compostable Food Packaging

  • Our compostable packaging materials are typically derived from wood pulp.
  • Many of the available compostable packaging materials we use are ASTM D6400 certified.

New biopolymers are ever evolving and being developed each day. We’re continually researching and working with our trusted suppliers to offer customers various options to create a functional package that meets their sustainable packaging needs. With NVIRO® Flexible Packaging, together we can help lower negative impact on the environment.

Click here to find the nearest industrial/municipal composting facility.

Water-Based Inks

  • Our eco-friendly product packaging materials utilize water-based inks which help lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission.
  • Water-based inks contain less than 5% VOCs and are generally safer for the environment – compare that to solvent-based inks that can contain up to 65% VOC emissions

Our NVIRO® Flexible Packaging products offer highly sustainable water-based ink solutions that may be equipped with compostable packaging materials, renewable materials and/or recyclable materials - we recommend you read and refer to the FTC Green Guides to market your product package's benefits responsibly.

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