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4 Advantages of Film Foil Lidding

From frozen food packaging to various yogurt and snack food packaging, open and closure systems play a very important role in providing consumers with accessible, user-friendly food products that are easy to open and easy to close or reseal after use.

With single-use food and beverage products, the lidding is an essential element that must not be overlooked when strategizing your product’s packaging design. In the past, many of these types of products relied too heavily on heavy-gauge foils that present a fair share of challenges and limitations for consumers.

That’s why so many snack food and beverage companies today are discovering multi-layered film foil lidding and making the switch. To help you determine whether this switch is something you should consider, we’ve highlighted four of the key advantages and consumer-driven benefits.

Clean and easy peeling

Compared to its heavy-gauge counterpart, products that use film foil lidding are simply much easier for consumers to open cleanly and safely. The combined materials used to create film foil laminations (FFL) provide lidding that conveniently peels off without any breaking or tearing.

Consumer safety

In addition, film foil laminations are generally safer and less prone to shredding, which can lead to cuts and scrapes upon opening. This also makes it a great option for kid-friendly snack food products.

Product protection and quality preservation

Aside from being safer for consumers, film foil lidding is safer for your product, too. Its multi-layered laminate structure is designed to eliminate puncturing and increase moisture and oxygen barrier protection. This helps keep your product fresher longer.

Brand integration

When it comes to printing and labeling, film foil lidding provides an excellent canvas for branding, design and even nutritional information. There are many custom capabilities color options available as well to showcase your brand in a unique way.

Sustainable advantages

Lastly, another key benefit to switching to a film foil lidding alternative is that it makes much less of a negative impact on the environment. Due to its multi-layered laminate structure, film foil lidding uses less film material than standard heavy-gauge options, making it the preferred choice for environmentally conscious brands.

Film foil lidding will only continue to grow and become more sophisticated in design. There are obviously some clear benefits for implementing this kind of lidding structure, but of course, there several factors businesses must consider.

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