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Spice Packaging

The spice cupboard is often the most varied section in the entire kitchen. From basil and thyme to rosemary and garlic, spices cover a wide range of unique flavors and aromas. At Eagle Flexible Packaging, we provide spice packaging pouches that are specifically designed to keep great taste and spice fragrances intact, helping customers add a touch of zest to every meal.

Our laminate materials allow for effective preservation of herbs and seasonings to maximize your product’s shelf life. Each spice packaging pouch we make can also be custom printed and converted to match your branding requirements with additional features including press-to-close zippers, product windows, spouts and fitments.

Flexible Spice Packaging Pouch Options

Effective spice packaging pouches need to deliver on a number of different areas – it must preserve the spice’s rich aroma and great taste, while keeping the product fresh and safe from outside elements. Eagle’s spice packaging pouches do just that and more.

Stand-Up Pouches – Our stand-up pouches offer a great look and shelf display. These pouches are a common packaging solution for a variety of spices and organic herbs.

Sample Packets – For an effective single-serve spice packaging solution, sample packets are your best choice. With multiple barrier options available, we can supply single-serve spice packaging that’ll keep your product fresh and align with your branding.

Foldover Pouches – Our foldover pouches lay flat, save space and provide optimal filling volume for granular spices and seasonings.

Shaped Pouches – As one of our most versatile flexible pouch options, the shaped pouch can package and preserve a multitude of different spice products.

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