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Custom Snack Food Packaging

The snack food industry is a fast-growing, highly competitive sector, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Today’s consumers are constantly looking for on-the-go snack options that cater to their fast-paced lifestyles. That makes having a highly capable snack packaging and printing partner of utmost importance. With numerous materials for you to choose from and endless design capabilities, Eagle provides snack food pouches that offer advanced performance combined with a stylistic advantage.

Whether you’re looking to package chips, pretzels, jerky, trail mix or any other snack food products, Eagle Flexible Packaging is proud to provide flexible snack packaging solutions. Eagle is fully committed to providing sustainable packaging solutions for a wide range of snack foods. Our compostable, recyclable, PCR (Post Consumer Recycled Content), and premium traditional packaging materials are chosen to address their impact on the environment, as we seek to minimize negative environmental impact.

From popcorn packaging to custom potato chip bags, we help our clients decide on the most suitable and affordable materials for their specific product requirements. Additional options include any desired features and finishing touches that help your product stand out from the crowd, such as clear packaging windows to showcase your product. The snack packaging capabilities are endless with Eagle Flexible Packaging on your side.

Custom Snack Bags & Pouches

Style and performance requirements for snack pouch packaging depend primarily on the type of snack you’re packaging. At Eagle Flexible Packaging, we offer numerous pouch styles and usability features to choose from, including:

Stand-Up Pouch – The stand-up pouch has become a staple in snack food packaging due to its convenience, resealability and shelf appeal.

Shaped Pouch – An eye-catching alternative to the standard stand-up pouch, the shaped pouch can be cut to almost any shape that suits your snack product’s unique needs.

Spouted Pouch – For the on-the-go consumer, the spouted pouch provides more control than traditional bottles and the spouted nozzle seals tightly for long-lasting flavor and freshness.

Pour & Lok® – If you’re looking for a bulk custom snack packaging option the Pour & Lok® pouch is perfect for dispensing nuts, trail mix and more while providing convenient storage capabilities to retain freshness.

Why Choose Eagle?

Eagle Flexible Packaging is a true partner that works with your brand to develop an effective, long-term solution to your packaging needs. Our team always looks to provide budget-minded recommendations and recognizes potential opportunities to save you money at every stage of the packaging process.

Here at Eagle Flexible Packaging, we’re constantly innovating to address new challenges and stay ahead of our competitors. From candy product packaging to frozen food pouches, there’s no limit to our industry experience. We look forward to putting that experience to work for you.

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