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Roll Fed Film

Ideal for high-volume form-fill and seal applications, we offer a wide range of sizes, materials and laminations for all types of products. Our custom roll stock film products are formulated to meet your exact needs.

Configuration Capabilities

  • Up to 10 color printing
  • Maximum Width: 63″
  • Maximum gauge 12 mil
  • Variety of film structures
  • In-line Lamination
  • Custom features available upon request

“Eagle evaluated our program and recommended a film change that could significantly reduce the cost with no compromise in performance.”

– Journey Bar

Machine Packaging Options

  • VFFS Machine
    • Lay-Flat / Pillow Bag
      • Back Fin Seal
    • Side Gusseted Bag
      • Back Lap Seal
      • Side Gussets
  • HFFS Machine
    • 3-Sided Pouch
  • Lidding
  • Flow Wrap

Value Add Features

  • Inno-Lok® and Pour & Lok® resealable options
  • Laser Scoring

Innovative Roll Stock Film

Using the latest technology and production techniques, Eagle’s roll stock film products are second to none when it comes to quality. Roll stock packaging is very common among products that require tight sealing, lamination, lidding and flow wrapping.

Our roll stock film specifically caters to vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) applications. Unique features can be added on, including Rollstock with pre-applied zippers and Pour & Lok® resealable options. Laser scoring technology can also be applied to your finished product upon request.

We can print up to 10 different colors and the film can be configured for a variety of structures. Our team has years of technical experience working with form fill seal machines and we understand how important it is to apply the proper specifications before production. Whether it’s improving productivity or extending shelf life, Eagle’s roll stock film is designed to adhere to your specific products and goals.

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