Testimonials | Eagle Flexible Packaging


“I want to let you know how gorgeous our bags are and thank you for all of your efforts and that of your team to make this happen. We are thrilled with the outcome and appreciate all of you very much!”

OMG! Pretzels


“A big thank you to the whole EFP team! I may be biased…but this packaging truly is a work of art and you all worked tirelessly to make sure it came through looking even better than intended!”


Eagle Flexible Packaging has been noted as a critical supplier to Techlab and has been a part of the Techlab’s success over the years. Eagle Flexible Packaging continues to be a tremendous support and a great team to work with! When the needs arise, Eagle has always stepped up to the plate to satisfy this customer with not only timeliness but backed with quality! 


THANK YOU so much for keeping me sane and pushing hard to ship the cracker bags to us. They look absolutely beautiful–everything we had imagined.

Liberated Specialty Foods


“I want to express my sincere appreciation to everyone on the Eagle team for making this project happen. Great job, all of you should be recognized for your hard work and effort. Eagle Flexible is highly valued and always reliable.”

Pacor Inc.

“We spoke with a number of suppliers and found that only Eagle Flexible Packaging understood the urgency of our needs and were willing to support our very short timeline and product requirements. Eagle’s service was really good and they did everything possible to accelerate the time to market.

With Eagle’s help, the time-line was met and the product launch was a success. We really appreciated the fact that they understood just how important it was for us to get this new product to our customers as quickly as possible.

We are a company that is constantly innovating and creating new recipes and products and we will be working with Eagle in the future – their quality and customer service is exceptional.”

Cuisine Solutions USA

“We seemed to understand each other very quickly. We were in the middle of launching some of our new jerky products and there were a lot of changes happening. Eagle was very accommodating and our communications were good. Eagle went all-out to help us out of a bind. We needed finished packaging quickly and in very short runs. Eagle applied maximum effort and shortened our time to market significantly.

Today, we enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship and I got everything I wanted – shorter lead time, 100% made-in-America packaging and the ability to work person-to-person. In addition, the quality has been outstanding.

We try very hard not to go overboard in asking for special accommodations, but it’s good to know that Eagle can and will do it if we need it.”


“They evaluated our program and recommended a film change that could significantly reduce the cost with no compromise in performance. With the film change, Eagle’s pricing was very competitive and they were able to deliver a higher quality wrapper.

Eagle has been very responsive and they’re good to work with. They’re very professional and their quality has been really been top notch. We have been very satisfied with their service and we plan to stay with them in the future.”

Journey Bar

“When we went with Eagle, the difference in the quality was pronounced – it was so much better that we’ve stayed with Eagle ever since. They are currently our sole supplier. We’re very interested in biodegradable packaging and Eagle is working with us to explore and test these environmentally friendly options. That’s important to us because we do not have the resources to research and evaluate these options on our own.

Eagle is up-front when it comes to quality. If we call with an issue they get back to us immediately and resolve the problem quickly. They’re always friendly and easy to work with. Eagle has even come to our plant to see how our packaging equipment operates. We had some problems with a new piece of packaging equipment and they were able to offer some solutions that greatly improved our production speed.

Eagle’s willingness to source new materials for us is a great benefit. Eagle has access to the latest packaging options and takes the time to keep us informed so we can make better packaging decisions. Eagle has earned our trust over the years and that’s why they’re our sole printed flexible packaging supplier.”

Eden Foods

“We pay really close attention to our packaging inventories because our certifications continue to expand. One change can make your inventory obsolete.

With Eagle Flexible Packaging, we have the ability to make quick changes, order smaller quantities when needed and enjoy a fast turnaround time. We can now order a 5-week rather than a 12-week inventory and that works much better for us.

It’s great to work with a U.S. supplier. Eagle has been very responsive and accommodating. I think their pricing is very fair and they’ve just been really great to work with. I would recommend them to a friend without hesitation – they’re very professional.”

Jessica’s Natural Foods, LLC

“We have worked with Eagle Flexible Packaging for a few years now. Eagle has always been there for us with the utmost support to help each of our projects be successful. They regularly present us with new technologies, innovations and idea for our packaging which shows they truly view us as partners and not just customers.”

Bocce’s Bakery

“Eagle Flexible consistently exceeds our expectations and we look forward to a long and mutually productive relationship.

Fulcrum Sports, LLC