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Custom Pet Food Packaging

People go to extreme lengths to take care of their pets and are always looking for the best product, treat or toy to make their animals happy. As a result, the competition among pet food suppliers is fierce. At Eagle Flexible Packaging, we know how influential an effective product display can be when it comes to helping consumers choose, so it’s critical to have a custom pet food packaging partner who can exceed expectations and position your products for lasting success. From dog bones to catnip, our pet food packaging solutions are designed to handle a variety of product sizes, smells and precise product conditions.

Utilizing strong barrier films and sealing applications, our packages are guaranteed to keep your pet products fresh for longer, protecting them no matter where they’re shipped. Some of the most common pet food packaging options include flat-bottom boxed pouches and traditional stand-up pouches, but we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and create a fully unique solution for your business. If you’re looking for sustainable or traditional flexible packaging, we’ll work with you to develop your custom dog treat packaging.

Enhanced Convenience, Performance & Accessibility

Pet food flexible packaging should provide customers with easy-to-use functionality and important nutritional facts for pet health and safety. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to help design, test and manufacture your pet treat packaging from scratch. Some companies prioritize consumer-friendly features such as portability and pourability, while others focus more on initial design and eye-catching color schemes. Our packaging capabilities allow us to cover a wide range of industry applications and manufacture myriad types of preformed pouch styles to best suit your product’s distinct characteristics. No matter which style you choose, you can rest assured that all our packaging materials are durable, puncture resistant and industry approved.

Why Partner With Eagle?

In addition to our industry-leading capabilities, Eagle Flexible Packaging is a dedicated partner that provides ongoing support and budget-friendly recommendations. We work closely with our clients when designing custom dog treat bags to ensure products stand out on store shelves. Through our experience in the market, we know the ins and outs of the cat and dog food packaging industry and how to best position your brand in this highly competitive landscape.

Our capabilities include new technologies that enhance shelf life, save you money and further differentiate your brand from the competition. We only use the most sustainable packaging materials to ensure we do our part in helping to protect the environment. Fill out the form below to get started and learn more about how we can work together!

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