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Eagle Achieves Highest SQF Food Safety Certification

Consumers buy food products every day, but rarely realize how much trust is required in the transaction. With a rash of recalls in recent months, earning and retaining consumer trust is more important than ever. People will never stop buying food—it’s a necessity. But manufacturers who maintain food quality across the entire supply chain will earn the business not only of consumers but of larger organizations, corporations, and restaurants (standalone or franchise).

That is why Eagle Flexible Packaging has always been concerned about safety and quality in food packaging, and we’ve worked hard to go above and beyond in our packaging process and facility and to achieve the industry recognition to support our efforts. We’re excited to share that we have achieved the highest level of SQF certification for our industry: the SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacture of Food Packaging and the SQF Quality Code (SQF Edition 8).

Our CEO Ed Walenga explains,

We have officially maintained our SQF Food Safety Certification (formerly referred to as Level 2) and have added SQF’s Quality Code Certification (formerly referred to as Level 3). These combined certifications are the highest attainable standards for SQF certified companies and I am very proud of our team and this important accomplishment. By adding the SQF Quality Code designation, we are further demonstrating our commitment to exceptional quality through consistent and effective processes and procedures.

The SQF certification program was developed by the SQFI (Safe Quality Food Institute) to establish standards in food quality control during processing. Each certification is site-specific, meaning that our location meets rigorous requirements for safe food handling and packaging. Such efforts (and accountability) benefit everyone—consumers and manufacturers alike. By identifying food safety and quality threats, and then addressing and correcting them, finished products are kept both safe and in optimal condition. Food should be handled properly so that it doesn’t cause sickness, but it’s also important that it makes it to the consumer at its peak so that it can be enjoyed the way the manufacturer intended. Our efforts and SQF certification target both.

By seeking and obtaining this highest level of certification, we vow (in agreement with SQFI) to:

  • produce safe, quality food,
  • comply with the requirements of the SQF Code, and
  • comply with applicable food legislation.

We are grateful for our many customers in the food and beverage industries and are excited to partner with you as an optimal choice for packaging your products. Ready to explore our products and exceptional SQF-certified service? Give us a call or contact us!