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Eagle Flexible Packaging is SQF Certified!

More than ever, consumers care about what they eat—and not just the finished product, but everything that goes into it. Responsible manufacturers care too, at every level of the supply chain. As a packaging supplier, Eagle Flexible Packaging shares that same concern, and that’s why we’re so excited to have achieved Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification.

Designed to meet the rigorous standards of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) while also providing a comprehensive certification that brings manufacturing, distribution, and broker management together, SQF protects consumers, manufacturers, providers, and suppliers.

When consumers can trust that the food they buy is safe and meets rigorous standards, everyone involved wins—from the very beginning of food production to purchase by the end user. SQF goes beyond good intentions, providing measurable standards and benchmarks. At Eagle Flexible Packaging, we’ve always been food-certified, so our equipment and packaging have been up to the task of safely working with our clients’ food products. Achieving SQF just adds more of a good thing: our processes are standardized for consistency and safety, and we’ve initiated programs to increase efficiency, recognize and reduce waste, and improve quality. For our customers, SQF demonstrates that we have the highest regard for the safety and quality of their food products—and that our products are an optimal choice for their food product packaging.

Our SQF Level 2 GFSI-recognized certification (HACCP and ISO-based food safety program) is just the beginning. We’re pleased to be part of a community of producers, manufacturers, and suppliers who take food safety seriously, beyond assessing risk to also reducing hazards, recalls, and health or safety incidents. And we’re eager to continue developing our capabilities and expertise to advance the SQF mission. Many food manufacturers are committing to meeting or exceeding SQF standards across their supply chain—great news for public safety—and we’re pleased to be part of that supply chain.

CEO Ed Walenga recognizes the great accomplishment of the Eagle team:

“Our SQF certification was a significant goal for 2017 and it fully demonstrates our commitment to food safety and quality standards. We look forward to challenging ourselves and improving upon our processes as we begin implementing the new standards mandated by SQF Code Edition 8.0 effective 2018.”

So no matter your food production volume, who your end users are, or whether you’re producing food for human consumption or the pets that millions of Americans consider family members, you can appreciate the benefits of working with an SQF-certified packaging company that will help you supply your consumers with high quality, safe products that they can trust. Stand out in a buying climate where transparency and trust are demanded, yet elsewhere under-delivered.

We specialize in a variety of traditional and sustainable packaging solutions, including high quality printed roll fed film with rollstock with pre-applied zipper and Pour & LokTM technology for form, fill, and seal machines; as well as preformed, spouted, and shaped pouches. To get started developing your ideal SQF-certified packaging solution, contact us or give us a call.