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How Flexible Packaging Aids in Sustainability

The keys to sustainability are minimalism and low impact. Those needs are exactly why flexible packaging demand is at an all-time high and growing faster every year. By its very nature, flexible packaging—any container type with a shape that’s readily changed—is designed to use the least amount of material needed to still be effective, and it has much less impact on the environment than other packaging formats.

Whether for consumer or corporate use, flexible packaging benefits manufacturers and consumers (or end users) alike. It’s an innovative industry that’s leading the way in developing better packaging solutions all the time. Food packaging uses top the list, but many non-food industries (including cosmetics and medical devices) are enjoying the benefits of the flexible format.

But what really sets flexible packaging apart is its sustainability and how it supports the responsible philosophies and practices of manufacturers with these values. Natural and organic product companies, for example, want packaging that is in line with the quality and vision of the products contained within.

Consumer Sustainability Benefits

  • Flexible packaging is light and easy to handle, carry, and store.
  • Resealable flexible packaging extends product life and reduces food waste.
  • Flexible packaging leaves less waste in landfills, or can be recycled or composted when made with certain materials.
  • Transparent windows make product visible.

Manufacturer Sustainability Benefits

  • Flexible packaging requires less energy and raw material to produce.
  • Fewer CO2 emissions are produced.
  • More packaged product can be shipped per truckload, reducing the number of trucks, fuel consumed, and carbon emissions produced.
  • Flexible packaging (and its customizations) stands out on store shelves.

The global push for sustainability is in recognition of the precarious condition of our planet, so every responsible choice made by manufacturers and consumers is a necessary help in the effort to improve our environment. Flexible packaging is just one solution for manufacturers seeking to offer not only great value and usability, but a way for consumers to show support for sustainable practices with their buying power.

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