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Pet Food Packaging Expected to Match Quality of Human Food

It’s harder today than ever before to find a household that doesn’t have a pet. In fact, more than 2/3 of U.S. households have pets, which is a massive growth over the last couple decades. As a result, the pet care market is booming, with the U.S. having the largest market share. Pets are valued members of the family and increasingly considered “children”—even taking the place of kids in households without them. Combine that with consumers being willing (and able with disposable income) to invest in premium food and treats, and it’s not surprising that the pet food market has achieved double-digit growth.

Protective Packaging

One of the highest priorities for pet food packaging is that it protects the product from spoiling, air and light damage, and any other compromises that would make the product unsafe or unusable. Flexible packaging is an ideal solution because of its protective barrier that keeps products at their peak during shipping and shelf storage. Plus, convenient features like built-in zippers help prolong the life of the product so that dry foods, in particular, stay fresher longer and don’t quickly lose taste and nutrients by going stale from air exposure. Resealable flexible packaging also protects against moisture and pests—problems that can be tougher to avoid with paper-based packaging.

Human-Quality Packaging

Pet parents are increasingly expecting human-quality packaging for the foods they’ll serve their beloved “fur babies.” If they wouldn’t buy food for themselves in a particular type of packaging, they are less willing to spend the money on a pet-targeted item, especially if it claims to be “premium.” The quality and convenience of flexible packaging is increasingly adopted across a variety of markets, and pet owners are getting used to such packaging for their own food (and other) needs. That’s why flexible packaging is a welcome and appealing solution in the pet food aisle, and something they’re willing to purchase.

Innovative Packaging

Flexible packaging manufacturing is a fast-growing business with constant innovation. From printing technologies that directly impact what consumers see on the shelves to film materials that continually improve product delivery, shelf stability, and environmental impact to closures and fitments that make pouring and storing better than ever, flexible packaging is agile and adds value to the products it contains.

High quality pet products delivered in high quality flexible packaging are able to win over loyal customers who want to give their pets the best. In fact, they expect high quality—human quality—when caring for their beloved 4-legged family member.

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