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Spooky, Sustainable Candy Packaging Ideas for Halloween

Spooky, Sustainable Candy Packaging Ideas for HalloweenIt’s estimated that for every trick-or-treater one pound of waste is produced. That waste includes pumpkins, single use costumes, party supplies and of course, candy wrappers.  Candy wrappers are notoriously hard to recycle, largely due to their size and their materials.

Eagle Flexible Packaging wants to share a few ideas on how you can make Halloween an environmentally friendly holiday for everyone with their sustainable candy packaging.

Candy Packaging Ideas

  • To keep your Halloween candy eco-friendly look for candy that is packaged in cardboard boxes. Mini boxes of Nerds, Junior Mints, Skittles, Dots and M&M’s are just a few that come in easy-to-recycle cardboard.
  • Individual candies wrapped in tinfoil can be a sustainable candy packaging idea. Tinfoil is recyclable. However, be sure the candy is actually wrapped in foil and not metallized plastic film, which is not recyclable, but looks a lot like tinfoil.
  • Choose chewing gum brands that are packaged in in 100% biodegradable packagingFavorite brands that offer zero artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavoring are a parent’s favorite for kids that are old enough for this chewy treat.
  • Let’s not forget fruit as an alternative to candy. You may be given a side eye by the local ghosts and goblins but fruit doesn’t get any eco-friendlier.
  • To be the hit of the neighborhood this Halloween, consider giving out individual cans of soda. Packaged perfectly in aluminum, it’s another easy to recycle material.

Halloween Candy Packaging

Candy and gift packaging ideas for Halloween don’t need to be overly complicated. In fact, the simpler the better. These ideas work well if you’re having a private party. Create all kinds of spooky and sustainable food with the kids, from candy wraps to gifts.

  • Create grab bags out of small brown paper sacks. Get the kids involved with decorating. These grab bags don’t need to be filled entirely with candy. Put in seed packets (pumpkins and fall flowers, fruits and vegetables would be perfect), small paper notepads or wooden puzzle toys (make sure all items are age appropriate). Cardboard and paper are the easiest items to recycle.
  • Buy candy in bulk and store in the pantry in stand-up pouches. Before the party, dispense in small amounts in glass candy bowls for guests to snack on. Or, for individual use, place a mix of candy in tinfoil packets.
  • Use small muslin bags as an environmentally friendly packaging idea. Bags can be decorated with stamps and filled with homemade friendship bracelet kits.

Whether you plan a Halloween party or are giving out treats at the door make a commitment to a greener holiday. Make a sign for your door asking trick-or-treaters to recycle their treat packaging. Set up a recycle container in front of your door. If having a party have plenty of recycle bins around the house to encourage easy recycling. And, above all, please have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

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