Eagle Flexible Packaging :: Sustainable Solutions for the Flexible Packaging Industry

Sustainable Solutions for the Flexible Packaging Industry

Reducing the amount of material used to package your product is a great first step to lowering the negative impact it can have on our environment. Flexible packaging provides a higher product-to-package ratio, is light weight, creates fewer emissions during transportation, and uses less space in landfills after use. As sustainable materials are ever evolving, we continue to work with our trusted suppliers towards lowering our impact on the environment. In the webinar “Sustainable Solutions for the Flexible Packaging Industry,” you will learn the fundamental aspects involved in selecting sustainable materials that represent a significant step forward in sustainable flexible packaging technology.


Wayne Shilka, Vice President of Innovation & Technical Support

Eagle Flexible Packaging

Sarah Martell, TSD Manager

Innovia Films

Where: Online

When: Tuesday, April 5th 10:00a.m. – 11:00a.m. Central Time

Recorded presentaion available below:


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