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What Defines An Essential Business Now

Many states are requiring that all businesses are closed to the public, except those that are deemed “essential”, during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

With so many people now working from home and ordered to stay home, online orders have increased during the crisis. The Flexible Packaging Association is the U.S. association of the manufacturers of flexible packaging and material or equipment suppliers to the industry. They recently requested that government officials recognize packaging manufacturers as “essential.”

The Flexible Packaging Association sent letters to the White House, all Governors, and leaders in Capitol Hill about the need for essential packaging manufacturing. You can read the letter here.

Access to food, pharmaceutical, and medical supplies is crucial now more than ever. The letter points out that federal, state, and local government decrees that differentiate between “essential” business operations and non-essential ones must be clear.

As a flexible packaging company since 1994, Eagle Flexible Packaging provides protection to products that people use every day, and we know how important it is to continue to provide flexible packaging during this pandemic. It is critical that the packaging industry’s manufacturing facilities remain open to supply the right packaging for consumer product businesses and retailers.

Flexible packaging manufacturers are ready to assist with products that protect food, medical supplies, and many other necessary items. The FPA has simply asked government leaders for detailed clarity when it comes to these directives. They have also requested that the state and local governmental authorities distinguish between bans on social gatherings as well as the closing of bars, health clubs, venues, and museums from business operations. It’s important that all employees know and understand the state and local limits on public gatherings and whether or not they should go to work. With uniformity from local and state officials, this will be clear to all.

The companies that comprise the FPA are dedicated to the health and safety of their employees and families. As we all come together to take on the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to note that packaging manufacturing facilities have stringent safety precautions in place to safeguard workers as well as consumers who will use the products their packaging protects. We believe that packaging manufacturers are essential to the public as we face the current crisis.