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4 Factors Driving Today’s Food Packaging Market

If you’ve been involved with the food industry over the last 10-20 years, then you’re probably used to seeing new trends come and go in the blink of an eye. For packaging strategists, staying current with these trends and making adjustments to brand, strategy and marketing outlook are just a few of the inevitable challenges you must work through in order to remain relevant in this ever changing landscape.

Here are four factors that we see making a huge impact not only now, but also in the future as brands introduce new and improved packaging technology and strategies.

Film and material advancements

Many of the most impactful packaging advancements begin at the material level. Whether it’s transitioning from rigid solutions to more flexible film-based alternatives, or incorporating different open and closure styles, brands in the food industry are persistently exploring new ways to present and package their product.

From detailed laminate structures to multilayered high-barrier films, flexible packaging provides an array of customizable options that make it easier for brands to make changes on the fly and adapt to customer demands quickly and efficiently.

Resourceful alternatives

As the food industry becomes more saturated and more competitive both in-store and online, many strategists are asking the question, “Which packaging solution is the most cost-effective?”

Budgeting for packaging, marketing and other resources continues to become more complex, making it more important than ever to utilize solutions that are resourceful and a seamless fit with your bottom line.

While food companies have several different options to choose from, flexible packaging is one of the best choices for reducing costs and waste.

Consumer-first strategies

The consumer-first mentality certainly isn’t a new way of thinking in the world of food packaging. That said, convenience and easy-to-use products continue to become more of a focal point as the available technology advances.

The versatile nature of flexible packaging can really work in your favor if your strategy calls for convenience that might otherwise be unachievable with traditional forms of packaging. From resealable functionality to perfect on-the-go sizes and accessibility, preformed pouch products provide a plethora of user-friendly designs and styles.

Environmental commitment

Across the board, from brands to the consumers themselves, there’s no question that eco-friendliness is one of today’s biggest industry motives. Several studies have shown that consumers tend to gravitate towards brands and products that are committed to making a positive impact on the environment and other social causes.

Sustainable packaging is a great way to gain the trust and support of this growing demographic. Flexible packaging pouches in particular have made huge strides in this department by utilizing more recyclable, compostable and renewable materials in their designs. Plus, these materials help improve the packaging’s product-to-package ratio which greatly reduces transportation emissions and landfill waste.

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