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Reducing Costs and Waste with Flexible Packaging

Packaging strategists are confronted with many challenges – two of the biggest being cost management and waste prevention. Having a packaging product that’s high quality, cost-effective and environmentally conscious is a tough balance to achieve, but certainly not impossible.

Sustainable flexible packaging can help brands and packaging manufacturers realize the goals mentioned above and more. How? Well for the most part, it boils down to reduces the negative environmental impact after use.

Recyclable Options

Films made from linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) are recyclable via select locations. Aside from being a great source for high-barrier protection, these lightweight films are strong, resistant and feature ideal properties for safe, eco-friendly packaging.

Compostable Materials

Many flexible packaging pouches are manufactured with compostable materials that make the most out of all available resources to optimize energy usage and reduce waste. And with the added durability flexible packaging provides for both dry and liquid packaging, it’s really a no-brainer when trying to decide between going with a flexible option vs. something more rigid and traditional.

Low-Cost Both Economically and Environmentally

Going with a flexible packaging option that’s lightweight but still tough can end up saving your business a ton of money in the long run. And as mentioned above, smaller packaging that utilizes a higher product-to-package ratio can help your brand improve its environmental impact while reducing some of the additional manufacturing costs necessary for producing something more dense and rigid.

To learn more about how flexible packaging help your brand attain its goals both financially and environmentally, partner with Eagle Flexible Packaging expert today!