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Are Food Pouches Safe for Babies?

The day a baby starts eating and enjoying foods other than milk can be an exciting milestone for parents, but it’s a milestone that also makes feeding their baby a little more complex. With so many baby food options available, not to mention their baby’s developing tastes, finding healthy food choices that are both safe and appetizing for their little one can be quite a challenge.

Flexible food pouches are popping up more and more in baby food aisles today. Is it just another popular trend? Or the way of the future? Like most caring parents, there’s always a concern about health and safety when it comes to food products, trendy or otherwise.

When you partner with Eagle Flexible Packaging for your baby food, we’ll help make sure your product’s container is safe and functional for young children. Why are so many parents starting to move towards flexible food pouches?

On-the-go convenience

Flexible baby food pouches are a portable, spill-free feeding solution and also a great time saver for parents who are constantly juggling multiple tasks at once. Compared to glass and rigid cardboard packaging, it’s easy to stow away flexible food pouches in a tightly packed purse or bag.

Plus, very little preparation is required. No need to chop up fruits and vegetables or set the table. Most baby food pouches are packed with nutrients that are easy for toddlers to consume.

Durable and mess-free

Unlike glass, flexible food pouches are virtually impossible for babies to break. When packaging baby foods, we recommend using high-barrier packaging films and materials. These laminations help keep the contents of the food pouch sealed, which helps preserve flavor and nutrients.

When children are just beginning to learn how to eat on their own, chances are things will get a little messy. With flexible pouches, parents can greatly reduce accidental spillage. Spouts, fitments and pre-applied zippers can also help minimize waste and clean-up by allowing parents to reseal whatever food the child doesn’t finish.

Self-feeding independence

Baby food pouches also serve as great practice and encouragement for independent self-feeding. They give toddlers the freedom to pick up, hold and consume food all on their own. This added confidence can go a long way as the child continues to grow and develop.

Healthy decision-making

Flexible packaging pouches should feature kid-friendly designs and visuals that make eating a little more fun for toddlers than the usual spoon and jar routine. And by disclosing all food ingredients on the package in a clear and honest way, flexible pouches can help parents make healthier decisions for their child.

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