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Are You Food Safety Certified?

Food safety certifications are crucial, and in many cases, mandatory for professional food service jobs related to the preparation, handling and storage of food. But it’s not just food service professionals who can benefit from these certifications. Food packaging specialists can also make themselves more valuable in the competitive space by being certified in various food safety areas.

One such certification is the Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification. SQF is a thorough food safety training program recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Why does this matter? Many retailers today actually demand that the food suppliers they work with are food safety certified by programs recognized by GFSI. It’s a stamp of approval that’s become expected among leading food suppliers, manufacturers and processors in various markets.

How packaging experts can help

By encouraging packaging teams, co-packers and partners to become SQF certified, you’re making all parties involved more knowledgeable and more competent in every level of food safety practice. This helps unify your internal team and external partners in a way that reduces communication breakdowns and increases efficiency.

What you and your partners will get out of it

Being SQF certified is more than a simple pat on the back. The program puts a system in place to give your team the tools and information they need to manage food safety risks with confidence. In addition, having a GFSI recognized food safety certification gives consumers confidence that your packaging product prioritizes food safety and health.

Where do I start?

Visit the SQF official website to learn more about the program and its many benefits. Here you’ll find plenty of reading material, training information and other details that will help you and your team get started.

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