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How Flexible Packaging Can Extend Coffee’s Shelf Life

Extending your product’s shelf life has several benefits from making your product more useful from the consumer’s perspective to increasing efficiencies on the supplier side. In addition, a longer shelf life fully supports and encourages waste reduction and sustainability efforts.

Some food and beverage products require less aid when it comes to shelf life. Many dry food products like rice and pasta last longer naturally. While others, such as certain snack foods and frozen foods are prone to going stale or losing their fresh flavor at a faster rate.

One product where the packaging plays a very important role in prolonging its shelf life is coffee. Packaged coffee beans and ground coffee both require precise packaging needs to maintain its rich flavors and aromas.

This is where flexible packaging comes in. Preformed pouches help store and protect coffee using a combination of premium materials, state-of-the-art closure systems and the latest in packaging technology.

Keeping coffee fresh with high-barrier films

When you package your coffee product with a preformed pouch, you’re getting the best in oxygen and moisture barrier packaging. High-barrier packaging works to prevent spoilage by creating a tight seal that keeps air, moisture and other substances from entering the bag.

Layered material structures for extended product life

Flexible pouch products are constructed using layered laminate films including polyethylene, polypropylene, and many other sealant additives and coatings. These layers improve performance and provide customizable packaging options to suit your specific coffee product.

Unique pouch styles for unique coffee products

Flexible packaging can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles. Here at Eagle, we provide a wide range of preformed pouches that can be custom-tailored to help maximize your coffee product’s shelf life. Pouches like the flat-bottom bag feature side gussets and quad seals that help protect the contents of the bag while providing a stronger, sturdier packaging structure.

Protective zipper and closure systems

A key component to keeping coffee fresh and stored away safely is the packaging’s closure system. With flexible coffee packaging, zipper closures are usually your best choice. Zipper systems like press-to-close zippers, Inno-Lok® and Pour & Lok® are great ways to create a resealable package that keeps coffee grounds and coffee beans tightly sealed when stored – whether you’re simply storing your coffee on the shelf or in the refrigerator.

With flexible packaging comes flexible options. Fill out our side bar form and partner with Eagle today to learn more about what your packaging options are and how to move forward with your strategy in an efficient, cost-effective way.