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Custom Candy Packaging

Custom Candy PackagingToday it is more important than ever that candy companies stand out from their competition as it relates to catching the attention of consumers. The candy industry must always continue to reinvent themselves in the eyes of the public by providing products that inspire people to give them as gifts or buy those items for themselves. Whether your business sells high end candy or the old fashioned bulk variety, Eagle Flexible Packaging has a wide variety of custom candy packaging options that will help your products get the attention they deserve in the marketplace.

In addition to candy packaging needing to be attractive, consumers want convenience built in to these products as well. Such features as portion control design and easy to open and close zippers are popular elements that people have come to expect. Eagle Flexible Packaging offers a variety of innovative features in our products such as press to close pouches, easy to tear notches and appealing packaging windows that allow buyers to see the candy that they are purchasing.

Candy Packaging Ideas

Everyone knows that part of the fun of purchasing candy is experiencing the excitement that is generated by the packaging that the product is delivered in to consumers. For more than two decades, Eagle Flexible Packaging has offered our customers a wide range of candy packaging design, material and printing options. We have successfully helped many candy companies promote their unique brand with our dynamic packaging products.

Here are some of the innovative packaging solutions that we proudly offer to our customers.

  • Roll Fed FilmThe classic candy packaging option. Roll fed film is able to create a tighter fit around your product while reducing waste. From bite size to king size, roll fed film can be adapted to nearly any size.
  • Sachet PacketsThis product is widely used in the candy industry to keep products stable in storage and fresh. Sachet packets are excellent for single use food applications.
  • Stand Up PouchesThis form of packaging is extremely popular with candy manufacturers due to its shelf stability and convenience for consumers with regard to portion control and product portability.
  • Pour & Lok ®A great product when large amounts of candy is being packaged. The Pour & Loc® system is resealable, giving consumers the ability to pour out the candy they want and then seal the bag for later use.

Candy Packaging & Other Solutions

Enjoying candy has a way of transcending generations and brings people together. The highly knowledgeable team at Eagle Flexible Packaging has decades of experience producing innovative candy packaging and printing solutions that can help brands achieve their sales goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your candy business grow in popularity and market share.