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Environmentally Sustainable Packaging vs. Traditional: How to Decide

Environmentally Sustainable PackagingProper material selection can be the most important step in the packaging process. And choosing the right packaging material often becomes a balancing act between deciding what’s most sustainable for both the product and the environment.

Why is choosing the right packaging material for your product so important? Well for one, packaging can significantly influence consumer buyer behavior. From the colors and materials being used to typography and design, your packaging plays a big role in telling your brand story – which is why the environmentally sustainable packaging vs. traditional packaging debate has become such a popular trend in our industry.

Perhaps more than ever, consumers are becoming increasingly more environmentally conscious and looking for products that match their eco-friendly lifestyles. Compared to traditional packaging methods, such as preformed pouches, your brand can encourage eco-friendliness and environmental sustainability through innovative packaging designs.

But before you make the switch to sustainable packaging, there are still a few things to think about when choosing which type of packaging best suits your product.

Other factors to consider

Product Applications – Depending on which specific market your product specializes in, your packaging material should always first match the needs of your product followed by the brand story you want to portray. Start by asking yourself the following questions: What do our consumers care about? Why are they passionate about the products in our market? What are their expectations? By answering these questions, you’ll get a better understanding of the type packaging material and brand story that best fits your product’s needs.

Product Specifications – It’s important to understand all product specifications so you can be well-versed in how specific materials will affect the overall quality of the product inside. Think about what the consumer experience needs to be for the package to open, close and function more efficiently.

Project vs. Price – Once you understand all aspects of the package, the project and the product details that go with it, we can then help provide you with a package that’s complete with all essential details and no excess.

As new environmentally sustainable packaging developments keep the packaging industry growing and evolving, our job as your packaging partner is to ensure that we continue providing products that lower your brand’s impact on the environment. Fill out our sidebar form today to learn more!

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