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Flexible Motor Oil Packaging a Great Solution

The very popular stand-up pouch has been adopted across a number of industry categories over the past few years, and with the development of pour spouts and other fitments it has become a highly usable packaging format for numerous fluids. In the automotive industry, spouted flexible pouches make working with motor oil and other lubricants an easier task while having much less impact on the environment. As the demand for alternatives to rigid and single-use plastics continues to grow, now is an excellent time to adopt this format for your motor oil and automotive lubricant products.

Consumer Convenience

Spouts and handles on flexible packaging match or even exceed the usability of traditional rigid plastics. But flexible pouches are also significantly lighter (and therefore easier to tote and store) and require about 60% less plastic material to manufacture.

Uniqueness in the Marketplace

Whether in the automotive section of a department store or a dedicated automotive shop, the wall of oil bottles is a relatively consistent look… until your brand stands out with flexible packaging. The material itself, all-over printing capabilities, and spouts and handles all add up to a format that catches the eye and marks your brand and product as unique.

Up to the Task

No one wants messy oil and other motor fluids spilling all over their garage or shop floor. Thankfully, flexible packaging designed to hold fluids is specifically engineered with multiple layers, heavily tested pour spout fitments, and the right materials to prevent chemical reactions, fluid migration, and film degradation. Flexible packaging is more than up to the task of storing, transporting, and delivering oils and lubricants to their final destination.

Environmental Impact

Reducing environmental impact is more than just using less material in packaging construction—though that’s an important start. There are even more eco-friendly benefits to adopting flexible motor oil packaging:

  • Less energy is consumed, and less CO2 is emitted in the manufacturing of flexible packaging.
  • More product can be transported at once with lighter loads, requiring fewer trucks and less fuel—further reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Dramatically less landfill waste is generated.
  • Much less storage space is required for the same amount of product.

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