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Liquid Pouch Packaging Market Growth Through 2024

The next 5 years will be very good to the liquid pouch packaging market—both for spout and non-spout versions. As companies migrate away from rigid plastics in favor of more sustainable and user-friendly options, pouches are growing in adoption across a variety of industries, but the liquid packaging market is particularly exciting.

Currently, this market is valued above $6 billion, but could grow by 80% to over $10 billion in 2024. As consumers demand sustainability, responsibility, and convenience from brands, it’s no surprise that such a large packaging shift is underway. Liquids packaged in pouches has seen significant adoption—particularly with “clean” and eco-friendly brands—in personal care and household cleaning products (segments that are both expected to continue growing in the next 5 years). But this $4billion anticipated growth will also be due to liquid food products that health-conscious and fitness-minded consumers (and professionals) purchase. There is growing interest in fruit juices and pulps, sports supplements, and meal replacements as an alternative to fast food and other less healthy prepackaged options. Flexible packaging makes these products convenient to grab on the go—and easy to consume.

The spout package format is by far the most popular choice—4 to 1 over non-spouted packaging. The convenience alone explains it, but spouts also reduce waste from unintended spills, and are proven to be worth the cost for consumer benefit.

North America is on pace to capture 1/4 of the liquid pouch packaging market by 2024, fueled in part by the number of key companies in the marketplace who are actively innovating and expanding the reach of flexible packaging. Manufacturers are also choosing flexible packaging to keep up with U.S. food safety regulations while also offering a more convenient form factor for time-crunched busy professionals demanding those healthy yet quick food options. The packaging has been so pleasing to consumers that there is also increased demand for the format to be used with gels, oils, and creams—smaller form factors than laundry detergent and hand soap refills.

A full industry report is available from Global Market Insights, Inc.

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