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Flexible Packaging for Cannabis Products

The expansion of the legal recreational and medical cannabis market creates new demand for packaging, as well as unique needs. Medical marijuana accounts for about 65% of the cannabis market, with 44 states legalizing (or in the process) its use at least for some conditions. Recreational use is exploding in the states where it has been legalized, and with Canada’s recent legislation, packaging needs are bound to grow… like a weed.

Since cannabis is still illegal under U.S. federal law, production and packaging regulations are set at the state level—and vary widely. Manufacturers must comply with local and state requirements, and are looking for agile packaging suppliers to partner with.

There are a number of considerations, challenges, and opportunities in cannabis packaging:

  • Flexible (particularly stand-up pouch) packaging is ideal for numerous cannabis products, including leaf products and an array of edibles, such as infused chocolates and confections. Space-saving, eye-catching, and protective, these kinds of pouches help maintain freshness and can be designed for medicinal use or dispensary display. Window options also put the product itself on display, displaying quality of traditional cannabis products, and the uniqueness of the various edibles that have appeared in the marketplace.
  • Flexible packaging provides an excellent printable substrate for visually-appealing artwork, but also provides great surface area for the numerous regulated labeling requirements. In some states, the producer, processor, batch, and retailer information must appear on the package, as well as explicit “not for kids” labeling.
  • As cannabis products (particularly for recreational use) are not for children, child-resistant seals and packaging are an opportunity for packaging suppliers.
  • Experience with medical packaging, precise weighing, and food safety expertise are all desirable qualities in a packaging supplier, especially as regulations lack consistency. Exceeding regulations is a selling point for manufacturers and their suppliers.
  • Sustainability and responsible manufacturing are in high demand in every industry, and the cannabis/marijuana marketplace is no exception. Sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable packaging is particularly appealing to manufacturers and consumers of cannabis products alike.

In many ways, the current cannabis industry is quite young, but that’s why it’s so important to partner with an experienced packaging supplier. With our extensive and varied flexible packaging capabilities, we offer a number of solutions to meet the needs of industries young and old. Ready to explore your options? Give us a call or contact us.