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Stand-Up Pouch Flexible Packaging for Cured Meat Snacks

Smoked or cured meat snacks, like sausages, salami, or jerky, are great impulse buys to feature at checkout counters. But you can add great value for your customers with a step up to exceptional flexible packaging.

The most common packaging types used for meat snacks are very simple, with few features:

  • Single-layer plastics
  • Individually wrapped
  • Designed to consume full product in one sitting

While basic packaging may be adequate for a quick snack, it can produce more waste in multi-serving packs and doesn’t provide any protection if the entire serving isn’t consumed all at once.

On the other hand, stand-up pouches are a significant upgrade for cured meat snacks.

  • Protective, multi-layer packaging: maintain shelf stability as well as freshness after opening (for multiple servings)
  • Notched to tear open: easy to access the product without having to use a cutting tool
  • Resealable with integrated zip closure: product can be protected from air and contaminants when consumed in multiple sittings
  • Multi-serving packaging, reducing waste: less packaging is required compared to individually-wrapped products
  • Shareable: larger quantities can be packaged together with the resealable zip closure
  • Rounded corners or custom curves and shapes: stand out on store shelves
  • Full color printing: practically unlimited design options to tell your brand story and inform consumers of important product details
  • Sustainable options: elevate your product with environmentally-responsible packaging features
  • Quick to market: with our innovative automated solutions, it’s possible to reduce the timeline in getting a new product onto shelves
  • Quality and safety: as a certified SQF supplier, we give you peace of mind and your customers the best in quality and safety

The snack industry continues to thrive and grow—even with the booming healthy living movement. Health-conscious consumers are eating smaller meals and snacks multiple times per day, rather than just the traditional 3 primary meals. High-protein/low-carbohydrate meals and snacks are also popular as they support a number of prominent dietary approaches, including paleo and keto. This creates a great opportunity for snack meat manufacturers, especially if the products also have other health-conscious features, such as organic, non-GMO, or grass-fed sourcing. Additionally, flexible packaging features can support brand positioning and messaging through offering the features mentioned above, especially as they make the consumer experience better and can represent a responsible company making use of sustainable, recyclable, and low-impact supplies.

Our stand-up and other preformed pouches give meat snack manufacturers a number of ready-to-go choices—but the options don’t end there. Customized solutions take your packaging to the next level so you can stand out with a design uniquely yours.

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