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Flexible Packaging Ideal for Candy Products

The most colorful aisle in any store is the candy aisle—every kid’s favorite part of shopping! To stand out in a sea of fun designs and bright colors, your candy and confection products need unique packaging that attracts your customers and keeps them coming back for more.

Packaging Types

From traditional to forward-thinking packaging, there are several options for candy makers of all sizes. Roll-fed film packaging has long been the popular solution for items like candy bars. It’s efficient, generating little waste, and is the standby format, particularly for individually-wrapped confections—from mini to king size.

Sachet packaging is an excellent single-serve and sample-size solution capable of containing both dry goods and liquids.

Stand-up pouches are popular for their versatility, resealable closures, and Pour & Lok® options for larger—even bulk—quantities. A variety of material options also make this solution highly compatible with the mission of responsible and sustainable companies.

Visually Appealing

There’s no doubt—candy manufacturers and purveyors must make their products stand out, and the first way to do that is from the store shelves: packaging must be visually appealing, because the product itself may not even be visible, or can only be seen through a small window. Dedicate some time as a company to review existing practices (and results) and process the best ways to reach your audience. But an additional way to stand out is with innovative packaging materials—whether a different format (for example, stand-up pouches in the midst of boxed products), or sustainable materials in contrast to the more commonly used plastics.

Add your eye-catching artwork, creative wordplay, and consumer-helpful information, and you’ll display a product consumers can’t help but be attracted to.

Responsible and Sustainable

Organic, non-GMO, and responsible food trends haven’t missed the candy sector. Sweets are an indulgence, but healthy ingredients and packaging with low environmental impact are still attractive to customers looking to enjoy treats in moderation. Your sustainable packaging choices can contribute to your overall messaging and support your brand identity. From recyclable to compostable, and featuring safe water-based inks, your packaging can be an additional selling point to consumers who want to support natural and sustainable practices.


There are a number of ways flexible packaging solutions can provide great protection for candy and confections. Relatively tight wrapping of roll-fed film and the cushioning of bags and pouches protect the physical integrity of products. But these solutions also protect the taste and safety of confections by reducing moisture and air exposure, and preventing tampering from going undetected.


Flexible packaging is also very convenient for customers. It’s easy to store at home (if the yummy treats make it to the pantry before being enjoyed!), easy to open, and resealable options make portion control more manageable when buying larger quantities. It also takes up a lot less space when disposed of—whether in the trash, recycling bin, or compost pile.

Flexible packaging is a growing format across many industries, and an excellent match for candy products. Ready to put together your solution? Give us a call or contact us to get started.