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Flexible Coffee Packaging: Freshness in Consumers’ Coffee Cups

Sleepy Americans have awakened each morning with the help of their favorite cup of Joe for decades, and the interest in coffee—traditional and gourmet—shows no signs of decline. In fact, connoisseurs of the popular bean are becoming more sophisticated and particular as higher quality products—closer to their roasting time—are making their way to their kitchen (or local coffee shop). Consumers are no longer settling for coffee harvested what seems like eons ago, roasted who knows where, and stocked on the shelf for months. It’s not exactly a product that can be enjoyed “farm-to-table,” but roasters and purveyors are doing what they can to get as close as possible. To make that happen, it takes better packaging solutions that give those beans a chance to become a delicious cup.

Coffee may be famous for its caffeine boost to the workforce, but it’s really something of a ticking time bomb. Once roasted to perfection, it takes less than a week to lose half its flavor. 4 types of exposure speed up the degradation process and can greatly compromise your product:

  • Air (especially oxygen)
  • Water (even humidity)
  • Heat (direct or indirect)
  • Light (particularly UV)

Paper bags and packaging will never protect this precious cargo from all these enemies of coffee’s volatile oils (which make up its flavor). And even the popular vacuum-sealed bags found on many shelves lose their freshness-keeping capabilities as soon as they’re opened, since they lack an air-resistant method of resealing. Flexible packaging products for coffee, however, are available in materials that can fend off all of these exposure hazards, offer the capability to maintain freshness with a zip enclosure, and feature numerous shipping and storing benefits.

Box and quad-style pouches are ideal for consumer-sized whole-bean or ground purchases. The applications aren’t limited to store shelves, however, but would be valuable as a take-home option at a self-grind station, or when purchasing from a coffee shop that also sells beans for home use. With the addition of a zip closure, rather than having to transfer freshly ground beans from a messy paper bag into a bulky canister to maintain flavor, the flexible and space-saving bag would be a delightful benefit for home users.

For larger and bulk purchases, stand-up pouches offer these same protective features in a larger format. For light commercial use or even for the office coffee supply, stocking up doesn’t have to equal a weak mug of old coffee.

For commercial and retail applications preparing brewing large quantities, single use lay-flat pouches ensure the wholesale coffee is delivered in peak condition. Pouring and even resealing options extend the usefulness of this packaging in a bustling service environment.

Everyone craves the freshest coffee available, and how you deliver those beans makes a world of difference. Keep your coffee products in their best condition with packaging that prevents the enemies of flavor from having their way. And then in the end, add useful storage features, reduced waste, and money saved in transportation and materials.

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