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Flexible Packaging Meets Numerous Medical Device Needs

From generalized care, to lab research, to pharmaceuticals, to the most urgent emergency moments, packaged medical equipment is critical to the day-to-day functioning of a variety of medical practices and support services. Flexible medical device packaging is a natural and beneficial fit for the industry.


The applications for medical packaging cover a wide range. But the only effective equipment is the equipment at hand. Our flexible packaging meets logistical needs because our optimized and automated machinery cuts down the time between product development and fulfillment. Efficient packaging sizes and reduced materials cut down on shipping costs and reduce the needed storage space in hospitals, clinics, and labs where space is at a premium.


Whether emergency staff in a trauma situation, or researchers in a lab with latex or vinyl gloves, no one should have to fight with packaging to do their medical work. Easy-open flexible packaging helps staff to do their important—even urgent—work, for the good of a single patient or the thousands who could benefit from medical research.

Low Waste

Sustainability is a critical value for many consumers, corporations, and industries alike. But excess waste also affects the bottom line of the healthcare industry. Disposal, recycling, and medical waste management are a real cost, so reductions in waste generation equal a cost savings. Flexible packaging solutions use less material than other packaging methods and also offer sustainable and recyclable options. All add up to reduced costs and better environmental responsibility.

Sharps Protection

Medical instruments like needles and scalpels are packaged for one-time use. To cut down on packaging, flexible material saves space and waste. But ordinary films won’t resist puncturing, which is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the packaging and the sharp instrument. Our high-barrier films resist puncturing and are up to the task of transporting a variety of sharp medical implements.


While not all equipment used in medical environments needs to be sterile, there can be no compromises when it is required. Depending on client needs, our flexible packaging materials and machinery can accommodate the sterile requirements of medical device packaging just as well as for non-sterile.

Packaging Types

Our catalog of products is extensive, but there are popular choices for the medical industry:

  • Sample (or sachet) packets are excellent for small single-use items, and are protective yet easy-to-open.
  • Lay-flat pillow pouches are single use or resealable, save on packaging materials, and offer a variety of options to meet the application.
  • Quad style pouches are a great choice when packaging needs to stand upright on a shelf to be easy to see, and they can hold more product than the other options. One application for this packaging format is pharmaceuticals, including medicine in powder or tablet form.

Medical packaging holds more than equipment and products—it holds a lot of responsibility to maintain the integrity of what it contains. Flexible packaging is up to the task, and exceeds many alternatives. Ready to investigate your options for packaging your medical or pharmaceutical products? Give us a call or contact us.