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Flexible Packaging’s Surprising Markets

Flexible packaging serves a wide range of markets and industries. Both food and non-food products benefit greatly from the versatility flexible pouches provide, no matter how specific a product’s requirements are. While these preformed pouches are commonly used in markets like coffee packagingsnack food packaging and pet food packaging, they also add value to several other industries that may surprise you.

Motor Oil

Liquid motor oil products can be safely packaged in flexible spouted pouches, which easily stand upright complete with a tightly sealed pour nozzle and fitment. These pouches offer a more proficient solution than rigid plastic, saving more space in storage and even in landfills after use. The expertly-designed spouts and fitments allow for motor oil products to be handled and transported easily.

Sauces & Condiments

Resealable and single-use stick packs and sachets are great options for cooking sauces, seasonings, spices and condiments

Sachet packages in particular are perfect for condiment packets and other sample-serving packaging needs. These easy-to-open packets are made specifically for single-usage and can feature a tear notch for clean, simple product access. This type of flexible packaging, along with foldover pouches, help keep sauce and condiment products fresh and rich with flavor.

Personal Care Products

Toothbrushes, razors and other self-care products can be packaged conveniently and efficiently using flexible packaging. Quart size flexible, see through bags are required when traveling through security checkpoints at most airports. 3-side seal pouches can be designed for both resealable, multi-use needs as well as tear-away single-use needs. In addition, this flexible pouch style can include hang holes and a clear product window for proper store display.

Side gusset pouches come in a variety of sizes, making them compatible with lotions, soaps, sunscreens and other cosmetic products. The foldover bottom allows the package to stand upright or lay flat on a surface. Like some of the other flexible pouches already mentioned, they can feature spouts, fitments, press-to-close zippers, tear notches and hang holes. Certain flexible packaging materials can extend the shelf life of a product and provide a barrier from oxygen, moisture, and in some cases abrasive elements.

Beverages & Liquids

Most liquid and beverage products can utilize flexible packaging pouches, too. With the help of high-barrier film materials, drink products can be uniquely packaged in a way that preserves taste and quality by sealing off oxygen and moisture from the inside, optimizing shelf life. Plus, added spouts, fitments, and Pour & Lok® features, make consuming and pouring liquids effortless.

Not only does flexible packaging allow you to fit more product into every shipment, but they also provide a more lightweight, convenient and portable solution compared to its rigid counterparts. It’s for these reasons why flexible pouches work so well with a diverse range of products and markets.

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