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Packaging Trends to Look for In 2018

Now that the holiday season is upon us and we look forward to the new year, brands are beginning to reconsider how they present their products on store shelves. Whether it’s an upgrade to the package design, improved options to cut back on costs, or just a slimmer package, companies will be adopting new packaging trends in 2018 to more effectively speak to consumers in store aisles.

After all, packaging is the face and voice of consumer products, and there’s only a few short seconds to grab a shopper’s attention.

Transparent packaging

Transparent packaging can be used in unique ways to increase shelf appeal and give consumers an inside look at the product they’re purchasing.

Adding a see-through design element also gives brands a competitive edge. A window that allows shoppers to see the contents inside helps build trust by being, quite literally, transparent with the consumer.

Consider this: if there are two similar products on a shelf, customers are more likely to purchase the option that clearly depicts the items inside.

Aseptic Packaging

Aseptic packaging is anticipated to grow at a rate of 6.8% annually in the next three years.

This rise is primarily due to the numerous benefits of the state-of-the-art packaging method, including a longer shelf life, reduced shipping costs, and more.

Expect to see an increase of aseptic packaging on shelves as brands continue to realize the advantages it provides.

New FDA Labeling Requirement

The FDA released a new nutrition facts label in 2016 that has some key updates to help consumers make informed decisions about the products they buy and consume.

Some may have already seen this new label on products, but expect to see it adopted more universally as the FDA is moving to make this change mandatory in the future.

Need to make the switch? We wrote a post about adapting to these new guidelines.

Sustainable manufacturing methods

Incorporating recyclable materials such as paper and recycled plastics has several enticing advantages that more and more companies are recognizing.

The first, and maybe most important, is that brands can reduce their impact on the world with sustainable packaging options.

Second, brands can also build a strong relationship and improve their reputation with customers who are environmentally conscious.

Smaller packaging

Shelf space is always a top commodity, and smaller packaging helps brands put more products in a smaller space.

In addition to being a room saver, cutting down on the materials used with slimmer packaging helps reduce unnecessary expenditure, reduce waste, and create a sleek design that appeals to buyers.

Continued growth for flexible packaging

Over the last 10 years, the flexible packaging industry has seen consistent growth that’s expected to continue for years to come.

More brands have continued to the see benefits of flexible packaging, including its versatility, easy-open options, and much more.

Expect to see more companies find new ways to include flexible packaging in their product line.

Textured packaging

Texture adds another element to packaging that helps make it more memorable. It taps into an additional sense that consumers can associate with a specific brand and it adds an artistic differentiator that intrigue consumers. Look for textured packaging on more retail shelves in 2018.

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