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Healthy Dried Food and Flexible Packaging

Most health-conscious people would agree that the outer ring of the grocery store holds the best food choices. In other words, fresh. Some might even argue that skipping the supermarket entirely and buying local at farmers markets and similar sources is the way to go. But sometimes you just have to use non-perishable foods and ingredients—and that’s where dried and freeze-dried foods can still be part of a healthy natural diet.

Year-Round Availability

Many climates have discrete (and limited) growing seasons, so fresh produce is only locally available for part of the year and must be supplemented with products shipped in from other parts of the country (or even overseas). Frozen and even canned vegetables and fruits are a recommended substitute, but dehydrated products are coming into favor as another healthful and shelf-stable alternative.

Locking in Nutrients

Studies indicate that properly dehydrated (or freeze-dried) produce maintains a nutrient level very close to its fresh counterparts—and may even exceed that of frozen or canned.

Convenient Bases for Soups and Stews

Soups and stews are a popular comfort food in chillier weather—ironically when fresh produce may be less available. But dried vegetables are an excellent base for these meals—and are available anytime consumers crave a hearty soup!

Camping and Emergency Rations

Whether for a wilderness tent trip or stowing rations ahead of a storm, canned beans are no longer the only meal option when “roughing it.” Dried beans, vegetables, soup and chili mixes, fruits, nuts, and so much more are road-worthy while also providing an appealing camping meal.

A Better Storage Solution for Both Unique and Common Dried Foods

Your customers looking for great quality dehydrated food also appreciate the best packaging you can offer. Flexible packaging for dried food offers numerous benefits for the consumer (as well as your business) and isn’t just limited to new and unique food items. Pouch-based packaging can be a step up for a number of more common dried foods found on most store shelves (such as pasta, crackers, snack chips, nuts, etc.).

  • Eye-catching on the shelf
  • More efficient to transport and store
  • An effective canvas for product and brand information
  • Resealable to reduce air and moisture exposure
  • Sustainable and generating less waste

We specialize in partnering with you to develop a packaging solution that makes your product stand out and provides an outstanding customer experience that matches your brand value. Ready to get started? Give us a call or contact us!

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