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Resealable Flexible Packaging an Upgrade for Natural Products

The natural product market is booming thanks to consumer demand for healthier food and personal care options, as well as for a variety of supplements to support a healthier lifestyle and physical fitness. Protein powders, vitamins, probiotics, pre- and post-workout supplements, and more have driven a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide. To stand out amongst the competition, it takes more than just a great product, but also an edge in packaging. Resealable flexible packaging is a consumer-friendly and valuable choice for your natural products.

Ideal for Powder Delivery and Storage

Powdered natural supplement products (like protein shake mixes and similar items) are an ideal fit for resealable flexible packaging. Rather than being packaged and stored in bulky rigid containers, pouches take up less shelf and storage space, are easier to handle, and can be compressed as product is used—making it easier for the consumer to use up as much of the residual powder as possible. Zippered closures and high-quality pouch films also preserve product quality before purchase and maintain freshness after opening.

Variety of Resealable Options

Various resealable closures (such as rollstock with pre-applied zipper and Pour & Lok®) provide choice for manufacturers and consumers. Innovations in zip closure technologies are also offering more secure kid-safe features to keep them out of supplements that may be both attractive and hazardous if recommended servings are exceeded.

Supply Cost Savings

Those popular yet bulky rigid plastic jugs that take up so much shelf space also take up a lot of shipping space. Many times more flexible pouches can be shipped in the space of these rigid containers, reducing transportation costs and increasing margins. Flexible packaging can also be a better value to produce, and offers outstanding customization opportunities. It is also a more responsible choice, as it takes up much less landfill space, or can even be produced sustainably with recycling and composting options. This provides yet another sales advantage, as consumers are increasingly eco-conscious and willing to seek out companies that share their values of responsible and sustainable practices.

Consumers find value in more than the actual products they buy, but also in the quality and usability of the packaging—especially for items like natural food and health products, which will remain in their packaging until fully consumed. Resealable flexible packing offers great customer usability and is an upgrade for your customers over other traditional packaging types.

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