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How Flexible Packaging Can Improve Freezer Storage

From busy families to college students and millennials living on their own for the first time, frozen food market is essential in today’s age of convenience. Once simply known as “TV dinners,” frozen food products have become much more sophisticated and diverse over the years. But despite great advancements in frozen food preparation and packaging, one thing remains the same: convenience.

When paired with great flexible packaging, brands can provide consumers with frozen food options that are not just convenient to prepare, but healthy and delicious to eat, too.

Resealable Pouch Options

Press-to-close zippers and other resealable closure systems are a common feature you can find with quad style poucheslay-flat pouchesshaped pouches and more. Resealable pouches help maximize your product’s shelf life while allowing consumers the freedom to serve just a portion of the bag’s contents at a time and store the rest for later.

Portion Control Capabilities

Flexible pouch packaging can also be designed for smaller serving sizes, IFQ (Individual Quick Frozen) packages and single-use options. This makes it easier for consumers to eat healthier portions and also reduces the risk of leaving unfinished leftovers open in the freezer to spoil. In other words, consumers will have more control and less waste.

Laminated Film Structures

Multilayer packaging laminates help preserve your products’ flavor, freshness and quality over time – even at low temperatures. Fruits, vegetables, meats, ready-made meals and more can be protected with the right combination of laminated film materials. In addition to protecting frozen food products, laminate structures and barriers can protect the packaging itself from cracking or breaking in extreme freezer conditions.

Frozen food products may be convenient, but without the proper packaging, they can only do so much for the consumer. Eagle Flexible Packaging has experience working with a wide range of frozen food products and vendors to provide a plethora of custom-made options.

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