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Compostable vs. Traditional Flexible Packaging: How to Decide

Eagle Flexible Packaging & Futamura co-hosted webinar to discuss the fundamentals of compostable flexible packaging.

Choosing the right packaging material often becomes a balancing act between deciding what’s most sustainable for both the product and the environment. Perhaps more than ever, consumers are becoming increasingly more environmentally conscious and looking for products that match their eco-friendly lifestyles. Compared to traditional flexible packaging methods, compostable packaging represents a significant step forward towards the environmentally friendly focus. In the webinar, “Compostable vs. Traditional Flexible Packaging: How to Decide,” we will discuss compostable flexible packaging in depth, providing you with a helpful guide to selecting the proper materials for your product.

Hosts: Dave Meacham, Packaging Strategist, Eagle Flexible Packaging

Heather Austreng, Regional Sales Manager, Futamura

When: Thursday, February 16, 2017

No Cost to Register