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How Preformed Pouches Benefit Small Businesses

Small businesses and startups face a number of unique challenges every day. From obtaining proper funding to growing a loyal customer base and internal team, there are several things that can cause any small business to fail in competitive industries.

In fast-pace environments, every minute detail needs to be calculated and accounted for – this is especially true for startups. If you’re a small business, you need to make the most of each and every expense. Any dollar that goes to waste can end up being a major blow toward the growth of your business.

With the right flexible packaging partner, small businesses can optimize their packaging output to save money, product inventory and workload.

Great for small quantities

Whether you’re selling snack productscoffee or vitamin supplements, flexible pouch packaging is ideal for small, niche businesses who might be starting with smaller product quantities to test the waters. At Eagle Flexible Packaging, we pride ourselves in being able to supply custom-tailored printing and converting services to meet the needs of all businesses, big or small. Just give us the details and we can help set you up with a packaging solution that best fits your business model.

Laying the groundwork

A simple preformed pouch design can serve as the foundation for your brand story and aesthetic. If your brand aligns with eco-friendly lifestyles, flexible pouches can be used as a catalyst to get that message across to consumers. Spend some time assessing the different material options that are available and work with your packaging partner to decide what material makeup best suits the product.

And remember, your initial packaging rollout doesn’t have to feature the extravagant design of your dreams. Think about what’s most cost-effective for your business first and make essential design points such as your company logo and contact/social media information the priorities. As your business begins to grow, you can always go back and reevaluate your packaging options for something more trendy or fashionable.

Opportunities to expand

As alluded to above, flexible pouch packaging can be easily adjusted and fine-tuned to match the growth of your startup or small business. Selling larger quantities, improving open/closure systems and utilizing more pouch canvas are just a few things you might reconsider once your first run of product hits the market.

If you partner with Eagle Flexible Packaging, you can bet we’ll be by your side the whole way to help you through any major packaging transitions or company growing pains. Fill out the form in our sidebar today to request more information.