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Pet Food Production Packaging Trends

Pet Food Production Packaging TrendsThe pet food industry relies on pet food product packaging to highlight branding and the convenient use of premium products.

Manufacturers want to make a positive impression on dog, cat, and other pet owners who require personalized and accessible packaging products that meet the demands of their busy lives.

Owners also need food bags and pouches to be sustainable, so they can easily recycle, compost, and renew these materials in a way that puts their and the environment at the forefront. Today’s customer is even willing to spend more in order to receive sustainable features and added convenience.

Stability is another important factor. Packaging must provide freshness so that pet food doesn’t go stale, spoil quickly, or spill and make a mess when opened.

Some of the packaging enhancements to account for these changes include new styles like K-sealed and Doyen-sealed stand-up pouches, press-to-close zippers and Rollstock with Pre-Applied Zipper Technology, among many others.

There are a number of ways that packaging companies are adapting. Eagle Flexible Packaging is among the top companies developing new strategies that can deliver for modern trends.

Updates in Pet Food Production Packaging

Flexible packaging features for pet food production are in direct response with the latest consumer habits. Pet owners are no longer only requesting the standard crunchy dog biscuit. Today, animals are given food that is loaded with protein, such as wet food requiring a containment system to keep it fresh.

Safety elements have also been incorporated into today’s pet food offerings, like the use of natural ingredients and a stricter eye on any preservatives included.

The look of the packaging must be appealing and portray that these elements are important. For example, humans often shop for pet food when selecting groceries. While they aren’t meant to consume the pet food, they want to select products with attractive packaging, just as they would for their meals.

This is also the food they feed to their pets, who many consider members of the family. To earn sales, each package has to convey a premium look and ultra-convenient functionality.

Owners want the best for their pets and will put purchase pet food items that have the following characteristics:

  • Fresh, organic, humanely-sourced ingredients.
  • Ingredients that were developed into a recipe using scientific, health-driven principles.
  • Food in packaging that catches the eye, has desirable designs, and is built with convenience for the opening, closing, and storage of the item.

High-Protein Additions

Just as humans often enjoy cooking for themselves, the modern pet owner enjoys using pre-packaged ingredients and creating a fresh meal for their pet, in lieu of one that is simply poured from a container.

This process often includes high-protein wet food that is meant to be mixed, topped or arranged with dry ingredients. Packaging companies have developed responsive pouches and related packaging that can maintain the elements of wet food and prolong shelf life.

The underlying attraction factor for consumers remains for this type of pet food. It must be a product that provides the same convenience and accessibility options, but is also still appealing, even though it is packaged in a different kind of material.

Fulfillment Demand

Product packaging companies have had to innovate to stay up-to-date with these changes for the consumer and the retailer.

For example, Eagle Flexible Packaging has found new ways to meet the needs of stores where products are flying off the shelves and into pet owners’ homes. Updates continue to be made, from quicker fulfillment times that have required skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, to reimagining the materials necessary to cohesively work together as a complete packaging unit.

Packaging and fulfillment companies are differentiating themselves by what they can provide, and how fast and efficient they can provide it.

Meeting Brand Values

The competition in the pet food and treat industry is heightened by these modern consumer demands.

While every company wants to stand out, the ones who actually do, show they can align their values with those of their customers.

Sustainable Packaging

This idea has revolved around the necessity for product lines to include sustainable packaging in recent years. Consumers want the packaging for their pets to match the quality of the product, both of which should project a commitment to health for the human, pet, and the world.

Brands have shifted their marketing language to include these characteristics. They also need the packaging to show a commitment to these values within the constraints of their budget and threshold for high-quality.

Consumers who demand sustainability also crave easily-assessible nutrition information. Brands will highlight the ingredient characteristics with up front messaging as a part of their designs.

Sustainable packaging must continue to offer complete functionality, eloquent design, and shelf-ready appeal.

Meeting Brand Needs with Expert Capabilities

Eagle Flexible Packaging supplies for any client need with a custom, optimized fulfillment process that prepares items to ship.

Our capabilities are vertically integrated, meaning every flexible packaging product and service we provide centers on the demands you need fulfilled.

Learn more about what we have to offer and see why so many clients have turned to us for their pet food production packaging needs. Contact us today for more information. We can’t wait to put our expertise to work for you.