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Trusty Packaging Options for Household Cleaning Products

Household cleaning products are unique in that they are used in a variety of environments from kitchen floors and bathroom sinks to glass windows in the living room. Each product utilizes specific ingredients for specific uses, which in turn, requires very specific packaging materials.

To help you find the right packaging type for your particular household cleaning product, we’ve outlined a few of our favorite and most popular flexible packaging options.

Sample Packets and Pods

Single-use sample packets and pods are the ideal flexible packaging choice for liquid laundry detergents. There’s a lot to like about sample packets including their versatile functionality and reduced environmental impact. Aside from liquid cleaners, sample packets are also a great option for storing powders and other dry cleaning aids.

Resealable Pouches

Resealable flexible packaging like spouted pouches and Pour & Lok® pouches offer child-safe closure systems and easy pour-and-seal capabilities, which make it easier for consumers to pour, measure and transfer the product onto cleaning cloths and surfaces.

Shaped Pouches

As the name suggests, shaped pouches can take on a variety of forms depending on your specific product and brand requirements. The advantage of this flexible packaging option for household cleaners is it will allow you to tap into a wider range of needs and expectations. Whether you need to package larger, family-size quantities or something a little smaller for singles and couples, flexible shaped pouches give you more possibilities.

High-Barrier Films and Laminates

While not a specific pouch type, high-barrier films and laminate structures can be synchronized with whichever pouch type you choose for improved packaging performance. Many household chemicals are particularly sensitive to oxygen and moisture transmissions, which is why the right combination of flexible packaging materials is essential to the success of your product’s packaging strategy.

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