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4 Advantages of Side Gusset Pouches

There are many reasons why more and more brands are switching from rigid cardboard packaging to flexible pouch packaging. Compared to something rigid and boxy like a cereal box for example, side gusset pouches hold more product in a smaller package size resulting in a solution that’s less wasteful, low-cost and perfect for storage.

More Product, Smaller Bag

One of the most noticeable advantages of packaging with a side gusset pouch is the filling volume. On the surface, you might think an empty cereal box would be able to hold more product than an empty side gusset bag. But the great thing about the side gusset pouch is that the gussets expand as the bag gets filled, allowing it to hold more product than what meets the eye.

Less Waste at the Landfill

Packing more product in a smaller bag also means you’ll reduce overall material waste after use. The side gusset pouch is eco-friendlier as it occupies very little space at the landfill. Like all our flexible pouches, side gusset pouches utilize a wide range of lightweight packaging materials and film layers for improved sealability, performance and product protection.

Improved Storage Space

When filled, the side gusset pouch essentially mimics a box in terms of the quad siding, the ability to stand upright and the canvas space for graphics. The difference, however, is the side gusset pouch’s larger product-to-package ratio which improves storage space both internally at the manufacturing facility and on the shelves once the package is consumer-ready.

Increased Durability

Another great advantage of side gusset bags and pouches is their ability to handle a diverse selection of product types. For example, certain snack foods like pistachios that have sharper edges can puncture the packaging causing the product to go rancid. Side gusset pouches implement strong, durable high-barrier films that work to avoid material deterioration and unwanted product recalls.

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