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Strategizing Around the Inevitable Pet Food Packaging Boom

As the Freedonia Group reports, U.S. demand for pet food packaging is expected to rise 4.8% annually through 2018. Even more stunning, the demand for pet food pouch packaging specifically may grow 8.3% per year in 2018.

A variety of factors are contributing to this growth, including the fact that both pet owners and pet industry professionals are becoming more health, cost, and convenience conscious.

From shipping pet products safely and cheaply, to ensuring the nutritional value of the products are efficiently protected for long lasting storage, many brands are looking to flexible packaging to help them stay ahead of the curve.

Here’s how you can use flexible packaging to plan, strategize and execute.

Making convenience the priority

Most notably, this uptick in pet food packaging demand revolves around the convenience flexible packaging provides for pet food and pet treats.

Whether you already use flexible packaging, or planning to make the switch, it’s important to be aware of the different closure systems and convenient features that are available to suit the needs of pet brands and pet owners. Many of which, are available right here at Eagle Flexible Packaging.

But the first step in deciding how to add convenience to your pet food packaging is understanding both your product and your audience. Use customer interviews and surveys to get a sense of which features are most important and identify any gaps you can fill with a premium flexible packaging pouch.

Shipping and transportation costs

Another way flexible packaging can help businesses keep up with increasing pet food packaging demands is in the shipping and transportation process. Compared to rigid packaging options, lightweight flexible packaging can greatly reduce shipping costs as it allows you to fit much more product on a truck.

Plus, flexible packaging utilizes premium, layered films and materials to ensure your product avoids puncturing or damage.

Food safety and preservation

Flexible packaging goes to great lengths to keep food products tasting fresh and lasting longer. As pet food products continue to put more emphasis on healthy, nutritious options, the materials used to seal and package the products must live up to these standards.

Many preformed pouch products are structured using high-barrier packaging materials that prevent moisture and oxygen from entering the bag.

Versatile storage options

With the growth and popularity of flexible pouches in the pet industry, you can expect to see higher demand for all pet food products – dry, wet and frozen. Which means the versatile storage convenience that flexible packaging provides will surely come into play in the coming years.

Both dry food packaging and frozen food packaging can be tailored to match the specific needs of your pet food product.

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