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How to Leverage Your Packaging for On-the-Go Consumers

Convenience is one of the major driving factors when it comes to packaging, regardless of of the industry.

In many cases, on-the-go convenience plays a major factor in customer satisfaction in both the food and non-food industries. Baby food, snack food and pet food and pet treats are but a few of the markets that have seen major growth by offering a variety of sizes in packaging. The demand for packaging that lends itself to the on-the-go lifestyle, portion control, and flexibility are becoming more and more in prevalent.

Luckily, flexible packaging pouches can be equipped with a wide range of custom features and add-ons to give on-the-go consumers exactly what they need.

Compact, space-saving pouch sizes

Due to their optimized product-to-package ratio, flexible pouches can be made using less excess material, resulting in a much more compact package size. This is ideal for road trips and on-the-go consumers with limited space.

And for people who like to snack or eat lunch at their desk during the workday, a flexible pouch is the perfect size. Compared to traditional, rigid packaging options, flexible pouches take up less space for easy travel.

Less mess and less waste

Resealable packaging is also a leading factor in customer satisfaction among on-the-go consumers. Easy to open and easy to close, flexible packaging can be a great time-saver. When combined with the right sealant additives and moisture barriers, flexible pouches can also help maintain product freshness and extend shelf life. Sophisticated closure systems such as rollstock with pre-applied zipper and the Pour & Lok® press-to-close zipper can be uniquely applied to your packaging for versatile functionality and as a brand differentiator.

Dinner for one

From college students to senior citizens, flexible packaging is ideal for consumers with limited space and or only wanting smaller portions. Tear notches and zippers make for easy opening, closing and storing the unused portions. Various single-use packaging styles are great for transporting everything from protein powder to baby food. They are small enough to fit into a purse or backpack for day trips. From sports to the commute home from work after a long day, flexible packaging is an efficient way to get the sustenance you need without the fuss.

Freeing up the schedule

Most on-the-go consumers don’t want anything to get in the way or add on to their already busy schedules. Time and space savers are paramount and flexible packaging can address both. The number of meal kit home delivery services that utilize flexible packaging is rapidly growing. From healthy snacks to family size dinners, flexible packaging offers solutions for all your product packaging needs.

Preformed pouches continue to grow in popularity with consumers. They are a cost-effective alternative to rigid packaging and offer increased versatility, as well as consumer convenience. From short runs to large production runs, we can give your brand an enhanced visual appeal while providing customers with easy-to-use, on-the-go functionality.

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