Eagle Flexible Packaging :: Support New Year Health Trends with Protein Powder in Flexible Packaging

Support New Year Health Trends with Protein Powder in Flexible Packaging

Scoop of chocolate protein powder

January is famous for fitness resolutions and a sudden jump in gym memberships. The start of the new year is a natural time to “start fresh” in healthy living. For anyone jumping on the fitness bandwagon with their New Year’s resolutions, one staple they’ll be encouraged to add to their diet is protein powder.

Protein powders are no longer just for muscle-bound body builders looking to bulk up for competition. They are a valuable support to any fitness regimen, and a good foundation for meal-replacement shakes. With an expanding audience (and their expansive tastes), protein powders, ready-made shakes, and even direct marketing business opportunities are flooding the marketplace. And as the varieties of powders and related products grow, so do the types of packaging used to store and distribute this popular supplement.

When protein powders were found almost exclusively in “nutrition” stores, they came only in giant plastic screw-cap containers. They’re found much more readily in many more stores these days, but that large plastic canister still dominates the shelves. It’s a solid, protective container—no doubt. But it takes up so much shelf space, both at the store and at home in the pantry. And what happens when it’s nearly empty? It’s still taking up more than its fair share of space, but its inflexibility also all but guarantees a spill of its precious cargo while trying to pour out the last bit.

It’s no wonder that many manufacturers are now shifting to flexible packaging.

Flexible packaging for protein powders is such a natural and ideal fit, for a number of reasons.

Flexible Packaging Suits the Product

Powder doesn’t need to be in a rigid container. In fact, flexibility is preferable due to the nature of the fine texture of protein powder because it helps with at least two major pain points for users: (1) finding the scoop, and (2) using all of the product. Before opening the package, the buyer can squeeze the packaging to locate the scoop and work it up toward the top. This reduces mess trying to dig for the scoop once a container is opened. And the flexible package makes it easy to pour out the powder (with much less mess) when the supply gets low. This type of packaging also protects the product just as well, prevents exposure to light and moisture, and keeps the product fresh with a resealable zip closure.

Flexible Packaging Suits the Industry

Protein powder isn’t just for people working on becoming the best version of themselves. It’s a product category greatly impacted by the drive for clean and sustainable sourcing. Whether the key ingredients are hormone-free whey products or non-GMO vegan protein, consumers demand healthy, clean, and responsible products—so shouldn’t the packaging match those same core values? Flexible packaging:

  • Uses less plastic than canisters
  • Takes up less storage, shipping, and landfill space
  • Can be recyclable or even compostable (depending on material choices)
  • Ours is printed with water-based inks

Flexible Packaging Makes Room for More

The average fitness enthusiast isn’t buying protein powder to “bulk up,” but they might be buying in bulk—and the pantry can only hold so many rigid containers. Flexible bags of protein powder take up far less shelf space, and can even fit when shelves are closer together (there’s no such thing as a “too tall” flexible package).

And there are even space-saving benefits for manufacturers. Not only can more products fit on retail shelves, but many more flexible packages can fit in the warehousing and shipping space occupied by just a few hundred rigid containers. In fact, a pallet holds less than 400 canisters, but can hold 10,000 (or more) flexible bags! That amounts to significant cost savings in:

  • Container manufacturing
  • Warehouse storage
  • Transportation

Is it time for your company to make the switch to flexible packaging for your protein powder or supplements? Give us a call or reach out to get your custom quote.