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Sustainable Supplement Packaging

Sustainable Supplement PackagingAt Eagle Flexible Packaging, we know how important it is to make careful choices about how we package our products. When marketing your nutraceutical product, it’s important to choose a design that catches your customer’s attention and showcases your brand’s values. Our industry-leading flexible packaging is customizable for your specific products and audiences. Make your supplement stand out while taking care of the planet with our sustainable supplement packaging solutions.

Vitamin Packaging

Vitamins are sold in bulk and last customers for months, if not longer. Vitamin packaging, therefore, needs to be durable enough to withstand initial packing, transportation, time on display, and constant reopening during the months of active use. All of this needs to be achieved without wear or tear on the bag. The best packaging is easy to seal and reseal for people on the go. Beyond construction, the bag must also be eye-catching and distinctive, with recognizable branding and inviting graphics.

We have a variety of packaging options to safely and sustainably store your supplements. But there is another factor in packaging that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the health-conscious marketplace: sustainability.

Sustainable Supplement Packaging

Increasingly, consumers expect companies to invest in sustainable practices. This often takes the form of developing sustainable alternatives to traditional packaging. Supplement producers should be especially attuned to this shift because much of our branding focuses on health and longevity. For many buyers, this core message translates to caring for the planet, especially for supplements that center on natural ingredients and organic health solutions. Companies that seize the opportunity to incorporate sustainable practices and materials can create a product that is truly healthy – for the customer and the product.

Eagle Flexible Packaging’s commitment to sustainable packaging is more than just meeting modern standards. We are the 2021 Gold Winner for Sustainability, as awarded by the Flexible Packaging Association. We are dedicated to creating packaging options that are sustainable and functional. Our sustainable supplement packaging will ensure that your product is safe, eye-catching, and the right choice for the planet.

Supplement Packaging Design Options

At Eagle, everything we make is custom made per the customer’s specifications. Some popular options include:

  • Shaped Pouch: Highly customizable, the shaped pouch can be created in nearly any shape or size, depending on your needs. The convex sides make this flexible container easy to grip, and the tear notch makes it especially suitable for on-the-go nutritional supplements, like energy gels.
  • Sample Packet: These single-use packages are ideal for samples or a daily supplement regimen. Your customers can throw a few into a purse or backpack for convenient use and transportation.
  • Stand-Up Pouch: With a flat bottom and a press-to-close resealable top, the Stand-Up Pouch is a practical and eye-catching way to market your nutritional supplements. Talk to our team about your specific product needs and we will design a sustainable stand-up pouch that works for you.
  • 3-Side Seal Pouch: Open on one side for easy filling during manufacturing, this pouch is perfect for single serving supplemental powders. Take advantage of our customizable options, including clear materials to better display the product and hanging holes for convenient display.

Professional Provider of Sustainable Flexible Packaging

Catch your customers’ eye and make a positive impact on the planet with our industry-leading sustainable supplement packaging. Eagle Flexible Packaging has the experience to fulfill your nutraceutical packaging requirements and can scale your production needs, no matter the size. Learn more about our commitment to providing superior packaging solutions for every industry. Contact us today for more information.