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Sustainable Snack Packaging

Snack Packaging

Sustainable Snack PackagingConsumers are increasingly looking to the convenience of ready-to-eat, on-the-go snack foods to get them through the day. Fueled by an explosion in demand for both sweet and salty indulgences as well as healthy snack alternatives, food brands are increasingly focused on not only providing a quality snack product, but reducing their carbon footprint through initiatives like sustainable snack packaging.

Single Serve Packaging

As the snack food aisles and endcaps at retailers all over the country continue to evolve, so do the snack packaging solutions. Customized single serve snack packaging is arguably the standard and continues to dominate the snack aisle – and for good reason.

Why has snackification become so popular?

  • Convenience – Busier on-the-go lifestyles have fostered the need for portable snack items.
  • Health Consciousness – Single serve packaging provides greater control over portion sizes.
  • Hygienic – Consumers feel safer knowing that they’re the only ones to have touched the contents of their snack.

The increased demand for snack items has spurred a lot of innovation in the food and beverage industry. This innovation has not only led to new flavors and products, but more sustainable snack packaging solutions.

Sustainable Snack Packaging

Sustainability has and will continue to remain an area of emphasis for both manufacturers and consumers alike. Creating a good product isn’t enough anymore – consumers demand that the organizations they do business with regard social and environmental sustainability as a top priority.

Eagle Flexible Packaging understands these needs and is fully committed to supporting and promoting environmentally conscious packaging solutions – so much so that they were the recipients of the 2021 FPA Gold Winner for Sustainability.

Types of Sustainable Snack Packaging at Eagle Include:

  • Compostable Packaging – Continuous research and trusted suppliers allow Eagle access to ASTM D6400 compostable packaging materials.
  • Recyclable Packaging – Wide array of recyclable snack packaging solutions that can be reused in assembly or manufacturing of another good.
  • Renewable Packaging – Customized snack packaging solutions that use raw materials such as wood pulp in whole or part of the package.

Eagle’s snack packaging innovations continue to set the standard and are available to fit nearly any snack food type.

Custom Snack Packaging

The contents of a snack package can vary quite a bit, so the engineers at Eagle have developed an array of snack packaging bags to choose from.

Stand-Up Pouch

Sleek and resealable pouch designed to house liquids and solids while standing upright on any flat surface.

Shaped Pouch

Similar to the stand-up pouch, the convex-shaped pouch is designed to stand up or lay flat.

Spouted Pouch

An on-the-go alternative to a traditional bottle capable of transporting both liquid and dry products.

Pour & Lok®

A pouch-style solution with resealable zippers and a wide mouth, the Pour & Lok® is easy to scoop and pour making it great for snack packaging.

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