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The Impact of Packaging on Brand Value

Flexible packaging stands out today as an effective choice for many manufacturers—not just as yet another product delivery option, but a boost to brand value. Branding goes well beyond your logo, but includes all the messaging and symbolism that represents your product (and services). How can your choice of packaging—especially flexible packaging—impact your brand and bottom line?

Making a Statement

Packaging must adequately protect your product during transportation, from contaminants and dust, and in storage on the shelf and once your customer brings it home. But it is also consumer-facing and tells your brand story (intentionally or not), and competes with other products for customer attention.

  • Does your package have all the information customers need (and which may be required by law)?
  • Is the text readable? Is the font appropriate for your branding?
  • Are images appealing? Are design elements consistent with your brand?
  • Is the packaging material a match for “who you are”? Is it appropriate for the product it contains, and does it make its own statement?

Flexible packaging in many markets is unique enough that it makes a strong first impression: original, sustainable, convenient, and custom. If those are qualities you want to convey about your brand, flexible packaging may be a match for your brand value.

Convenience and Customer-Pleasing

No one wants to buy a product and then have to wrestle to get it open—or risk life and limb in the process! A major online retailer even sells some products (in collaboration with manufacturers) in “frustration-free” packaging to reduce hassle (and injury from those razor-sharp heat-sealed plastics). You don’t want to be “that manufacturer” known for frustrating end users. Instead, you can please and even delight your customers with convenient, easy-to-open packaging. Flexible packaging offers even more: it’s resealable, easy to handle, and takes up less storage space than competing packaging types.

Sustainability and Reduced Waste

Eco-conscious customers also delight in flexible packaging because it’s easy to recycle (depending on the material), and takes up significantly less landfill space if discarded. If your product is green, or you offer a line of products that fit that category, then your packaging should reflect that brand value. Not every product can appropriately be sold or stored in paper or cardboard. But recyclable or compostable flexible pouches can contain materials that wouldn’t stay put in boxes.

Have you also considered what’s on the outside of your containers? Namely, are you using environmentally-friendly packaging but not considering what’s printed on it? For the eco-friendly brand, water-based inks are a far better choice than conventional inks to match eco-friendly packaging.

You put a ton of time into defining your brand and matching your messaging across all channels. Let your packaging choice be the perfect complement to the story you’re telling in the marketplace. Packaging is one of critical aspects of your product that will impact its brand value.

Considering flexible packaging as a match for your brand? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help explore your options and develop a solution!