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Flexible Packaging for Motor Oil

For any car enthusiast or DIYer tasked with changing the oil in the family vehicle, the classic quart-size plastic motor oil bottle is a familiar sight (as you pick up 5 or more of them every few months). If you’re a professional mechanic, you can’t even count how many of these bottles have passed through the shop, but you know they take up a lot of space both before and after use.

The “after” part is a particular challenge. Who doesn’t want to be environmentally responsible? But plastics (like the high-density polyethylene—HDPE—used for these containers) must be thoroughly cleansed and free of petroleum before recycling. Some municipalities may still not accept them, or a special trip to a recycling center is required (rather than placing them on the curb). It’s easy to imagine that many of them just end up in landfills.

There must be a better way.

That’s where flexible packaging comes in, providing a space-saving yet durable alternative to traditional containers. Spouted pouch products keep motor oil (petroleum or synthetic) properly contained, with a well-sealed pour nozzle closure. But there are many more advantages than just the material being able to hold oil.


Environmental responsibility is a value shared by many consumers, and increasingly by corporations and manufacturers. Flexible packaging is a great choice for motor oil manufacturers that value sustainability, as the packaging itself has a reduced impact on the environment. It not only saves shelf space, but takes up far less space in landfills, and some materials are recyclable. It also takes less energy to produce than rigid plastic containers, so it’s a responsible option from the very start of the manufacturing process.


For many end users, flexible packaging is easier to handle than rigid containers—plus easier to transport and store. And unlike traditional bottles, there is less oil waste as the flexible container can be emptied nearly completely. Spouts also offer more control when pouring, reducing spills and messes, keeping equipment and shop space cleaner. And despite its soft-sidedness, the flexible pouch protects the oil from exposure to air, contaminants, and reactive materials (such as metal).


While most of the competition uses traditional rigid containers, brands that adopt flexible packaging for motor oil stand out in the marketplace. The packaging itself and the large number of printing and design options differentiate your product on the shelf, and add to your story and brand value. Motor oil in flexible packaging appeals to consumers looking for responsible, forward-thinking manufacturers that value the environment and their customers. It’s also an obvious choice for containing some of the newer eco-conscious engine lubricants that are alternatives to traditional oils.

Flexible packaging for motor oil has been widely adopted in international markets, and is gaining in popularity here in the U.S. Now is a great time to consider converting to this beneficial and useful material for a product that will attract and delight consumers who share your values and will be pleased to use your product. Get in touch with us to learn about your options in flexible packaging.