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Building Consumer Confidence with Flexible Packaging

Shopping behavior can vary immensely from consumer to consumer, however, many would agree that brand loyalty and product trust plays a huge role in the decision process. Whether it’s online or at the grocery store, consumers are generally more likely to spend their hard-earned cash on products they feel confident about.

What inspires this confidence? Well, there are several factors – the brand’s legacy, the consumer’s previous experience with the product, positive reviews and word of mouth praise all influence purchase decisions on a regular basis. But there’s another factor that inspires confidence on a more immediate level: the product’s packaging.

Both new and returning customers have specific expectations when it comes to product packaging. And while it’s not easy to satisfy every single customer in your target market, it’s important to identify what those expectations are.

Here are a few ways you can use flexible packaging to meet and exceed your market’s packaging expectations.

Sustainability and Freshness

This may be most applicable to food products, but it also applies to various non-food items as well. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and are looking to get the most return on their investment, which means they want products that stay fresh, last long and match their eco-friendly lifestyles.

Your product packaging should highlight any sustainable materials and high-barrier films used that work to encourage environmental safety and preserve product freshness.

Easy-to-Use Functionality and Convenience

Your product packaging should showcase simplicity and easy-to-use functionality that’s apparent to the eye.

And if on-the-go convenience is an essential trait among products in your market, your packaging should clearly demonstrate that. Flexible pouch packaging provides many lightweight options with easy-open and easy-close custom features that appeal to on-the-go consumers.

Visual Appeal and Style

Finally, your packaging design should be equally eye-catching and professional. Appealing shapes and strong branding that seamlessly intertwines with your packaging design will help your product gain an edge on the shelf.

But there’s more to designing a stand out package than bright colors and vibrant graphics. Be sure to make use of package’s canvas space and remember, your product should be the primary focus. Detailed nutritional facts and transparent product windows can go a long way in building consumer confidence.

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