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3 Advantages of Single-Use Packaging

From weighing the different pros and cons to identifying your overall packaging and business needs, choosing the right flexible packaging option for your product can be a strenuous process. But it’s an important process that will ultimately help your product stand out on the shelf and make its way into consumer’s homes.

One option that can provide a unique touch to your product is single-use packaging. Single-use packaging can come in a variety of forms including sample packetsfoldover pouches and flat pillow pouches. This type of packaging is designed with the consumer in mind, emphasizing the importance of product quality and easy-to-use functionality.

Let’s take a deeper dive into a few other advantages single-use packaging provides.

Insulated freshness

The great thing about single-use packaging is that food spoilage and staleness becomes much less of a concern. For example, buying individually packaged single-use sandwich meat eliminates the need to store and reseal. Even snack foods like chips and trail mix can be packaged in smaller, single-use bags that can be finished off in one sitting with no need to reseal for later.

While resealability does have its share of advantages, it requires a greater focus on safe storage compared to single-use alternatives.


As alluded to above, single-use packaging can support a wide range of markets including beauty and cosmetic sample packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, candy packagingdry food packagingspice packaging and even pet foods and treats.

Single-use packaging can also add great versatility to your product itself, giving consumers more ways to use your product and interact with it – and versatile, feature-rich products certainly don’t go unnoticed.

Simplified meal prep

With proper serving sizes already measured out, consumers can use single-use food packaging to prepare meals faster and with more accuracy as they would using the popular meal kit home delivery model.

Single-use packaging gives consumers the freedom to create meal kits of their very own, providing a simple food prep solution that’s ideal for millennial consumers and small families.

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