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How to Successfully Transition to Liquid Pouch Packaging

When you think about packaging liquids, your instinct might be to choose plastic bottles and rigid cartons over a flexible packaging pouch. But the truth is, more and more brands are switching from rigid bottles and cartons to flexible stand-up pouches for their liquid products. With the advent of Pour & Lok® technology and laminate structures, liquid pouches give consumers a new kind of package that’s easy to carry and take with them on-the-go. Plus, these flexible packages also:

  • Have a higher product-to-package ratio than most rigid packaging options
  • Lower the negative impact consumers have on the environment
  • Take up less space on the shelf and less space in landfills after use
  • Are available with a wide range of compostable and recyclable material options
  • Modernize and distinguish your brand from traditional competitors

It’s virtually impossible to list every benefit flexible pouches can provide for your liquid product. If you think you’re ready to make the switch, it’s important to partner with an experienced flexible packaging supplier who’s prepared to face any challenges that arise during this transition.

Our Liquid Pouch Filling and Engineering Process

At Eagle Flexible Packaging, we work closely with not only our internal engineering team, but our customers, too. Our goal is always to meet and exceed packaging expectations. Here are few things to look for when deciding on a liquid pouch packaging partner.

Material Support – The type of packaging material chosen for your particular liquid product will set the tone for the rest of the packaging process from engineering to filling. Whether your product is a liquid beverage or a household cleaning chemical, your packaging partner should be comfortable working with a wide range of products to help you determine which material type will work best to accommodate your needs.

Automated Machinery – The filling, sealing and converting process can change from project to project. Good liquid pouch packaging suppliers should have access to cutting-edge machinery that allows them to use different filling techniques. The more your supplier can adapt to the specifics of a certain product, the better.

Versatility and Specialization – The best flexible packaging companies have diverse teams with many specialized departments. Your supplier should be able to help you with all the important leg work and processes. Financial analysis, technology innovation, logistics and inventory management are all areas worthy of collaboration.

Want to learn more? Partner with us today for more information about the durability and functionality of flexible liquid pouches.