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Flexible Packaging Opportunities in the Ecommerce Market

As the ecommerce market continues to grow and become the norm in retail, more and more brands are using online platforms to reach consumers. Like any competitive industry, brands often have to rethink their marketing strategies from the top down to gain an edge – and in an ecommerce environment, there’s no denying the importance of effective product packaging.

Aside from providing products with a wide range of material options, there are a variety of ways ecommerce brands can leverage flexible packaging to their advantage.

High-Barrier Protection

For ecommerce brands, transporting products in a safe and efficient way is the name of the game. To ensure product quality and safety, flexible packaging is aided by high-barrier film that works both as a protective oxygen barrier and moisture barrier system keeping toxic elements sealed off from the contents inside. And all the while, helping food products maintain their unique flavors and fresh aromas.

In addition, high-barrier flexible packaging solutions add an extra layer of safety when dealing with sharp products that might increase the risk of puncture or damage during the shipping and handling process.

Sustainable Innovation

Ecommerce platforms are faced with a number environmental challenges and opportunities. From speedy delivery expectations to complicated return policies, eco-friendly practices aren’t always easy for ecommerce retailers to maintain. But when you combine your efforts with an experienced flexible packaging partner, chances are you’ll have a better time moving forward with your marketing strategies in an efficient and sustainable way.

Not only does sustainable packaging help keep goods fully intact upon delivery, but it also greatly reduces your brand’s negative impact on the environment. And as a bonus, using sustainable packaging materials can help position your brand as a trusted green movement influencer.

Minimized Costs

Flexible packaging is a lightweight alternative that can be used to eradicate costs associated with production, damage, replacement parts, returns, waste and shipping by allowing material handlers to transport more product with less.

As a cost, resource and waste-saver, flexible packaging is the perfect solution for ecommerce professionals working with a tight budget. Partner with Eagle Flexible Packaging today and let us help you develop a strategy that leads to a more loyal customer base, reduced costs and smarter packaging.